NO ONE plays on PC. Is there some kind of deal to transfer to XB1?


So I “play” (wait in queue) Evolve on PC. Is there some kind of deal Turtle Rock offers to switch to XB1 or something? Wasted money on season passes just to play 2 games a month if I’m lucky.


Unfortunately I don’t think there is such a thing. Hopefully TU09 Will bring the playerbase up, yes?


I don’t know what TU09 is but that sucks because it seems like a ton more people play on XB1 than anything. Cross platform would be lovely. This sucks. I love this game so much sometimes.


TU09 is Title Update 9. There’s a few threads at the minute talking about it, and by the sounds of it, it’s gonna be huge!
@Buckets_Sentry_Gun can provide links if you so wish. It’s 3.30am where I live, I really have to sleep. XD


Here’s the latest topic!



You should check these threads to find more info about the upcoming changes! :smiley:

But I think it would be easier if you just check the Dev tracker


Cool thanks gents! Hopefully this brings some peeps back


PC is at an all time low. This is very known, both to the Devs and the community. With all work being focused on bringing out the micropatch and the new TU, there is a large hope that they will bring in old and new players (going off descriptions given by the Devs).

Though with the large delay on the update many people from the community (including myself) have decided to back off until the Summer update drops. Until then, all we can do is just deal with what we have I guess.

Unfortunately there is no deal for jumping platforms but there is hope that the playerbase will be revived when the new update drops.


TU alone won’t bring anyone back. There needs to be like a free weekend on top of that. Or even the game needs to go F2P. Now, I’m not a fan of F2P and I do not like the idea, but it’s only thing that will save PC playerbase. As of right now I don’t even know if Evolve will be worth installing on my PC again, given the teased changes. Cuz, like 4 points for monster at lvl 1, WOW. I’m looking forward to see the rest of the update because I think there not a single game out there that can bring same expirience as Evolve, but if everything else in the update will be on the same level of MEH, I won’t bother to download 50GBs of this, and neither will everyone else. Furthermore, theese “everyone else” most likely don’t even know anything about upcoming update because they’ve given up hope long ago.

Sad, but true.


The devs have already adressed free to play in a thread although im not sure wich one.
So far ftp seems to be something that would be untenable in relation to evolve.


Since I suck at weaving words together in english sometimes, I’m going to bullet point my answer:
-free to play would require a complete overhaul to the game. In order for it to work, we would need a brand new progression and unlocking system.
-a free weekend sounds nice, though, but…
-since people wouldn’t bother downloading 50GB to play for 2 days…
-let’s make it a free week! It’s not like anybody’s losing anything by prolonging the free period a bit, right?
-also, there is one problem I think Evolve players are ignoring - there is no news about improvements whatsoever on the main site. People are not going to check for news on forums to see if maybe something is going to change - they’re going to think “meh, game’s dead, no news at all” and move on


2k and TRS have marketing peeps, they do this for a living, lets belieb in their professional integrity to do what’s right (within their resources) for promoting the new changes. TU09 is unlike any other update they’ve pushed.

A significant amount of people downloaded Evolve for the last free weekend, the devs are aware of the kind of asset they can be if the game is in the right state when presented for a free weekend.

p.s. (not aimed at anyone) we don’t want another free to play discussion, we’ve had them, use search and see how much it’s been discussed on the forum.


I used the wrong words. What I meant to say is that a full free week would be a much better incentive to go through that massive download and it would also give people more time to see that Evolve has improved a ton.

Of course for it to work, the matchmaking would have to be perfect (new players would be frustrated when matched against a veteran enemy) and they would need a good way to learn the game, because no feedback on mistakes is one of the worst things in video games.

I would be overjoyed if we managed to multiply our playerbase!


I hope people (including the devs!) will be patient on the free weekend front. I personally see a halloween time free weekend as being a perfect kind of placement. It gives the team time to work out just where the land lies after the massive update and tweak whatever they need to, to have had a stable build in place for about a month, and to be confident they’re showing the game off in it’s best light.


Pretty much what I was thinking. Free weekend/week would be great but to have that when TU09 initially comes out and there’s some issue with it that really needs fixing but that is what thousands of new players see…that could take away so much of what TU09 could achieve with bringing in new people.


I have also noticed that on pc the playerbase is almost gone! :frowning:
Often our waiting time for find an hunt It is of about 30 minutes. But we often play and if someone (monster) wants to add me on steam, I would be happy so we can arrange for a hunt.
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Think I’ve played vs you a few times. If you see me on I’m probably just on the search screen trying to find a game.


So add me :wink:


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