No one picks rescue mode


Title says it all. Does anyone else find no one is really picking rescue mode in evacuation? It’s always either hunt or nest. I haven’t seen anyone pick rescue mode in the last three days easily.


The survivor AI is quite bad. There are numerous reports of it bugging out and not properly going to the evac point (even when the hunters are there and/or the ship is waiting for them).

Since the hunters get to pick every map (4v1 votes), they never want to deal with the random chance of not being able to win due to bad AI.


Oh don’t get me wrong lol. I know why I’m not picking it. But I just want to confirm this is what others are finding as well.


I do pick it. But I play Evac just for Nest, Rescue and Defend, so it’s kinda obvious I’d pick Rescue over Hunt anytime.


Yep, I’ve noticed the same. Default preference order for most hunters seems to be Nest > Hunt > Rescue


Most of the time when I see people pick it I assume people are wanting to work on their Masteries for Maggie or Lazarus. The BEST is when both are chosen and the Lazarus player complains about Daisy! :laughing: :joy: :innocent:


I always choose rescue but nobody else wants it ^^ I didn’t know there are AI problems.


That’s VERY weird for me, almost in every match the players choose rescue because of Hank, if you have him, it’s a win and nest, they do not because the mini AI Goliath destroys the medic with his 100% accurate attacks.


I hate the minion AI in Nest. It always knows where you are, even when you’re on the opposite side of the map. As far as rescue goes… would rather pay hunt.


Nest= 2 AIs Goliath=hell


[Daisy revives survivors]

[Survivors run off and get crushed by monster]



Yeah no one votes for rescue mode. I mean I understand why hunters don’t vote for it. I never do when I am on the hunter side, but as a monster I like to see it.


I’d be more willing to pick Rescue if the survivors weren’t such a dead weight liability.

It can be hard to keep a determined Monster from killing them later.

All I’d ask for is somewhat meaningful damage on their weapons for the brief periods that they are alive.


If second and third wave of rescuies is more than 250m away, which they are almost 90% of the time hunters lose, unless the monster decides not to go straight for colonists.


I have started to go for the best win bonuse, unless its 4th match, then its what is easier to win at.



When I play Hunter: Nest > Rescue > Hunt
When I play Monster: Hunt > Rescue > Nest

Those are my preferences, I consider Hunt to be strongly in favor of the monster and Nest heavily in favor of hunters. Didn’t know about the glitched AI though /shrug still prefer it over hunt as hunters even knowing that now. It’s not so much that I like Rescue, it’s that I don’t want to give the other team the advantage. Especially since they’ll not only have the mode advantage, they’ll have autobalances in their favor…just making it a nightmare.


My team plays everything but Hunt when we play Evac, sans first round of course. If we wanted Hunt we would be in Skirmish.


It’s stupid to pick rescue as the hunters. The Wraith is insanely fast and can very easily get to any downed survivor well before the hunters. It’s an easy win for them.


Both modes suck
The minion ai is simply TOO good in nest and lets the monster end the game at stage 1 because the support and medic are too busy being stunlocked to do anything

And the survivor ai in rescue was dumbed down so now they shoot at everything in sight slowing down there progress to the extraction


I think I’ve played more Rescue than Nest.