No one calls Gorgon by name except Kala


I noticed a while back and was reminded again after playing a few matches against The Gorgon, that none of the Hunters call her that. They don’t refer to her as that spider-bitch or Basilisk-looking monster. Anyone else notice this? When a monster is spotted, it’s sometimes referred to by its actual name, but never Gorgon. She is simply called ‘monster’, ‘it’, or ‘beast’.

I guess the development team hasn’t loaded any dialogue other than Kala’s about the Gorgon. And then there’s the conversation between Jack and Markov about the rumored monster that has spider legs. Also, most of the monsters’ attacks are called out every now and then by the Hunters. Like “It’s breathing fire!” or “Lighting incoming!” Yet no one screams out about the acid or spider abduction.

Lazarus even mentions that the Monsters seem to adapt. After Markov killed a Goliath with his Lightening Gun, the Kraken came out. While Wraith seemed to take its stealth ability from the Supports’ cloaking. So you know, the monsters Evolve.
With Gorgon, it seems the monsters took a page out of the Basilisk Nebula’s book. Something that would freak out every Hunter. Especially Slim, since Gorgon could be called his messed up cousin. Even Torvald, being as hard as nails, was concerned about the Generation 1 Basilisk men losing any sense of humanity cause he knew a man who became one back in the day. So a Gorgon could bring that fear 10 fold.

Let me know what you guys think. Do you think that the TU9 will bring more dialogue about the monster who will never be named ‘Miley’? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Should Gorgon based dialogue be added to the game in TU9 (or 10)?

I noticed this when Gorgon was released. I hope in TU9 dialogue is released for gorgon. I think dialogue is still in development because when the support CA is changed, new support dialogue will be made for the new CA (I think)


I know of the laz convo being mentioned- But this definitely was not part of it. Where did this information come from?


True. Though Gorgon was released the 1st week of November. I sort of expected Torvald to yell out, “This is the monster that took my crew!” But Colville confirmed that it was a different monster.


It’s speculation.


His actual words centered around, “then when Kraken was not enough and they used stealth.” Referring to Wraith. And where else in the Evolve universe is there optical stealth.


Maybe, but in Kala’s story there are 7 confirmed monsters.


Um… And? That’s not what I’m talking about.


Sorry. :sweat_smile: I thought you meant that it was speculation that Colville said Gorgon wasn’t the monster that destroyed the Ajax.


No, this is speculation.


I had noticed this too but I always thought it was simply because TRS didn’t have the time to get the VA team together for her lines. When Kala actually called her Gorgon it was very weird for me.

This is just a perspective coincidence as we’ve learnt from Maggie and Kala there have always been monsters made of rocks like Behemoths, there have always been twerking spider bitches like Gorgon/Miley, monsters that made other monsters host/spawner, monsters that had booty Wraith.

I would literally die the happiest Evolve player if the team manage to sneak something in like this. He’ll I’d buy every TRS title in the future if it means it could happen. @SUBJECT666 you made my day! :joy:

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Interesting choice


TRS had all the voice actors together at one point before they even knew what gorgon’s name was going to be. That’s why everyone’s dialogue was a little vague and didn’t call gorgon by its name.


Basically this. Matthew has said before that they simply haven’t got any lines recorded regarding Gorgon. To get all the voice actors back would cost a lot of time and money, hence why they haven’t done so (yet)


Alright, that makes sense. Most likely with the delay with TU9, and pushing it from February to near summer, they’ll probably bring the actors back to add more dialogue.


Perhaps. But as with everything, don’t count on it. If it turns out to be the case with you not expecting it is better than it not happening while you expect it :wink:


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