No notification for missing the monster


Hey guys,
I’m new to the forums, so sorry if this has been posted already and I missed it. Made a quick peek through some of the bug threads and couldn’t find anything.
I was playing on PS4 today and it didn’t give me a notification when I missed the monster with my dome as the Trapper. I was just wondering if this was a glitch or if they patched that out.
Is there a thread where TR shares recent updates and fixes?


It notifies you know when you first play the game as in an game tutorial, but it’s not designed to be in the game after a few matches of Trapper. There isn’t supposed to be a notification. Sometimes the Hunters will call it out, but otherwise you need to use eyes/ears to see if you domed them.


if you need the notif, just reset the help notifs in the option menu. after each game.


Ahhhhh. Thanks for the replies, guys.