No New Monday Skin/ Skin Appreciation


:frowning: I’m so sad that there’s no new hunter or monster skins today. It brings a single tear to my eye :cry:. The skins help make this game so unique and full of variety so I loved when we would get one almost every Monday for a while, but lately there hasn’t been very much. I own every item from the Evolve store. I just want you to take my money :sob::sob::sob::sob:.

That said, I love and appreciate all the work that TRS does for us and I just can’t seem to get enough of your creativeness.

TRS is my new bae.
Thanks :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


I miss new skins dropping too. It was every week for a good stretch. Plus, they totally teased us with skins for Slim and Torvald, but never finished T4??? Come on. Even Emet got a purchaseable skin.


Exactly!!! I loved the T4 skins and am still waiting for crow and sunny skins. I also NEED T5 skins in my life, including some more Gorgon maybe? :heart:️:heart:️ TRS please make my dreams come true


My skin dream is victory skins for T4, Blood Eagle for Crow/Jack, Leviathan for Sunny/T5 support, Ragnorok(sp?) for Lennox, and Night Hunter class skins for T4/T5. I just like having uniformity in classes with skins. For monster, not sure. Savage would be nice but there’s quite a bit of monster skin packs so it would probably be a hassle to make a variation of all skin packs (bog/savage/cosmic/carnivore/ect) for Behemoth and Gorgon.


Remember when skins were complained about?


Yeah, that never made sense to me :confused:


How come EMET doesn’t have a victory skin but the other two came with them?

Also I miss regularly dropping skins into the game for purchase.


There’s an issue with the Victory Skin for Emet. TRS is working to resolve it.


So are you saying we will get one?


Yes, he’ll get one eventually.



Woo! Thank you. I have been missing so much here lately.


I have Emet’s victory skin :confused:


What? How? Pic?


I want a Jack’s skin. I really don’t like the victory skins :cry: It’s the only Hunter skins that I would pick the Default over. :sob:


Here :stuck_out_tongue:


Checking game now…


How long have you had that?


Since like the day after Emet came out.


I don’t have it on PS4, what console are you on?