No new DLC skins


So there haven’t been any new skins in the store in weeks no monster nor any of the other tier 4 skins.Last skin that cane out was behemoth moon stone and that was weeks ago.Im hoping this is a good sign that TRS is devoting all man power to getting this new monster out before November.


Probably, gorgon is priority at the moment, i just want my crow skin though


Pretty sure the new Monster is being revealed this week, so they’re more than likely making preparations for her arrival.


This week? isn’t Halloween the expected release date ? And that’s the 21st right ?

Not too sure as I’m in Australia :flushed:


No, Halloween has never been the expected release date for me. Since:

A) Halloween is on a Saturday.

B) Wouldn’t make sense.

C) The devs have gone quiet, they always do that near release and reveal times.

D) The Instagram video was just released signaling a nearby reveal.

I presume this Thursday is Gorgon’s beautiful reveal.


Ok well that sounds amazing and I’ll just pray that you’re right​:smiley::+1:t2:


Doesn’t everyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought this was just because of the name leak… shrugs


It’s possible but I highly doubt that they thought “Ah shit. It’s name is out there, time to reveal the silhouette and base animation!”


But now it doesn’t seem like an accident

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Exactly :wink:

It’s all an elaborate ruse.

And how do I know this? WHAT IN THAT GAME CASE COULD WEIGH 7.5 POUNDS?!?!


wait wat?

hmmmmmmm most interesting my dear watson…


Nobody knows.


Maybe it’s a metal case?


Seriously though, the Amazon page says 7.5 for the game and the DLC Hunting Passes. Now unless there’s some hidden object in there that makes up like the remaining 7.4 pounds, then I’m calling shenanigans… or that the Doctor’s TARDIS is now a game case… either or.


Even if it is metal, that would not weigh 7.5 pounds.


I got a metal mw2 ultimate edition weighed about 6.5 lbs when I ordered it online


why is a skin 3 dollars.


It’s 2k’s marketing practice, not TRS. This also technically isn’t the place to discuss anything any of us are currently discussing anyway.


I’ve been wondering why t4 is $3 and everyone else is $2

I’m not complaining i just wasn’t sure if it was mistake