No mortar cooldown on Torvald


Dear @MacMan ,

I have no clue as to how this happened, but somehow a Torvald player was able to remove the cooldown on his mortars. He was throwing them down like there was no tomorrow, and nothing holding him back. I have no clue as to how it happened sadly, but I have noticed his team mates leaving the match as soon as they saw him exploit this bug.

Mind you, he still had cooldowns on his shotgun and personal shield, so it’s not like he managed to completely get rid of the cooldown system. I attempted to get a printscreen to try and catch the guy doing it… But you guessed it… Well, you probably didn’t… His username was made up of letters not used in any of the keyboard languages I have installed, and thus I was only able to see silly squares (my best guess is that he had Russian letters in his username, yet this is of little value considering how many people live in mother Russia).

Still I thought I would mention this, just for the sake of it.


Thats a hack, not a bug. I’ve faced the same thing and it had unlimited jetpack too. Shame it was a really bad player and I just downed it constantly and his team mates refused to heal him. He quit eventually. Lower player numbers = higher chance of hackers.


I hope to have something on the next patch that will help with this, if it gets through testing in time.


That sounds… a bit OP… A hack probably.


Without a video I cant say for sure, but it sounds like someone using a No Reload hack. Like @ArPharazon said, we should have additional counters to these cheats and hacks in upcoming patches.


currently you can fire 2 mortars switch to shotgun then switch back and fire 2 more and constantly be firing mortars every 1-2 seconds its not efficent dps but it does mess with monsters that are dodging mortars the mortars reload in the back ground during the weapon switch but are still allowed to fire, it only stops firing during auto reload if you drain the whole volley.


Dear god this sounds terrifying.


To clarify, the changes we talked about are not on today’s patch, but should be on the next one.