No more monster armor glow?


is it me or do the monsters not have an armor glow now at the moment ? If i m right i m sad i loved the armor glow :frowning:


Quite sure they do. I spotted a Goliath in caves just today because he was bright red. Like a firetruck.

And I’m pretty sure I’ve noticed armor glow on myself while playing Goliath too. I will check the patch notes, I suppose.


maybe it depends on the skin ? because i had the clow fish goliath skin and i couldn t see an armor glow


Well, Clownfish Goliath is primarily red, or at least dark orange. Goliath’s armor glow is red. Perhaps that has something to do with it?


but his torso and neck are dark


True. But look at this for a second:

His front has a bit of glow, but it’s mainly his back and sides. I’m pretty sure there still is.

I’ll go check a video of monster in Stage 2.


Here’s a screenshot:

It’s not too clear though, so here is the video:

Seems like there still is armor glow?

And again, here is Miley’s butt:

With clear armor glow.


eh i guess it s harder to notice now with so much more vibrant colors on the map


And the lighting is much, much brighter and clearer too. That’s probably it.