No more meaning for my lvl 40 renegade that i acheived before this event



no more respect for my elite renegade abe skin that i unlocked before this event feelsbadman :frowning:


You got it before anyone else. The respect isn’t going away because people are getting him elite now.


i got elite skin in the first 13 hours after release


Well I have over 3000matches that is enought to have everyone elite 6 times XD

with coop vs ai there is no respect for lvl 40chars anyway.

just enjoy event,level up torvald n shet :^)


then i wouldnt be the first one i unlocked the elite skin in online anyways i just found a elite renegade abe guy claims he is the 1# elite renegade abe in coop i just got salty and came here


yeah welcome to turtlerock forum,i m dedicated salt collector be free to give me all your salt


it is pretty much main purpose of this forum anyway


Then you’re still the first in our hearts! :heart:[quote=“Alucard_Shadow, post:6, topic:99498”]
it is pretty much main purpose of this forum anyway


Well It is still main reason to come here,i like to shower in tears .I know steam forum is better for that one. :^)


Sorry if I come across as rude, but I really don’t see the points of this thread. Is this a formal complaint that your sense of achievement is diluted due to an influx of other Elite Renegabes?


This is truth.


This sentence is false.
######Enjoy paradoxes.


I dont talk only renegade Abe but all characters ingeneral I mean elite skins prove that you are good at a character and you have put time in that character now it takes 2 hours to reach a charcter 0-40 and that makes me not actually believing that they have put that much time into a charcter or are good in the charcter


Elites were never a good thing to base skill on. In Legacy they could be farmed off bots, for some damn reason, and now, you can get them by just playing lots. Nothings really changed.


Well most of the time it is imo


Wait…people respect playing a game a lot?

Cause i don’t anyway so you dont have to feel bad about this change


Well I do and yes im happy about this event


Elite skins in the end of this week are now meaningless but im still happy about this event because ill own most of the others skins easily


Do you just keep creating new accounts?

Edit: It’s still awesome! Keep it up man


What do mean by that?


Nah I change steam Names