No monster skills after join


So when i joined a game in process as a Stage 1 Monster, I had 3 abilities, as expected. But when i evolved, all abilities were suddenly empty and i had only 3 points to spend, so i ended up with only 3 ability points as a Stage 2 Monster. What´s more weird, when i evolved to Stage 3, I had 4 points to spend. Happened to me twice - as Goliath and Wraith.


Seems to be a consistent bug, Level 1 you have all 3 skills, level 2 you get 3 points but it’s as if you had no skills to begin with, then at level 3 for me it gave me the rest of the missing points to put in, joining in-progress monster games isn’t worth the trouble with being a level 2 but as weak as a level 1 with attacks almost.