No mode cycling?


I must say, I’m a little dissapointed that there is no method in which to cycle the match modes short of doing a custom match or evacuation. Or am I simply being daft? Or is my game glitched? I just rather do feel you should be able to have other skirmish matches in modes aside from hunt.


I believe there are really only two modes right now - Hunt and Evacuation. We’ll all get the new ones when they update it.


For matchmaking as far as I know it’s only Evacuation or Hunt for the foreseeable future. It disappointed me as well, but they need as large a pool of players as possible for matchmaking to do its thing well. (Personally I’d be more than willing to wait in a longer queue for my favorite game mode, but I can see their rationale.)


The wierd thing is, at one point I WAS cycled onto nest