No Meter Distance For Teammates


Before the patch I was able to see the distance I was from my teammates if they went farther than 60 meters I believe it was. Now they can be a 100+ meters away and I can’t tell. Not sure if this was intentional or not, or if it’s even a problem maybe I’m just not noticing their distance enough.


Me and everyone I play with have seen this to. It might be an intentional change.


It could be but I don’t see a logical reason as to why remove it.


Me neither


I noticed the same thing, I thought I was maybe going crazy.

I doubt it would be intentional. Separating into 2 man teams is a known strat, and this makes it harder to tell how far apart you are. Pretty critical at times.


@MacMan @SlabOMeat Do you guys have any idea on this? Is it intentional or a bug?


Double bumping this @MacMan, the distance markers are critical to how my premade plays in utilizing our various beams for boosts and heals. We now have no way of knowing just how far someone is for that last little bit of shield/health, or how far away our two-man groups are from each other. Pings are the only way, and they are distracting to chasing the monster and are inconsistent.


Yeah I was going to say that but not only are they inconsistent but they’re not in real time like the meter distance.


Not intentional. We’ll look into it.


Awesome thanks for clarifying that.


I’d really prefer if this stayed out, I’ve had so many problems shooting fleeing monsters with darts etc because my hud is just clogged up with healthbars and birds startled messages and everything else. The startled birds is the biggest issue for me since it just makes a huge sign, and I can’t even see the monster to shoot it


Never had this issue and I only have a 26" TV


I have this issue too I cannot see the distnace indicators of my allies… I had no idea it would affect my gameplay that much it turns out to feel important at least for me.


Macman has stated in a past thread that this change was unintentional, and that they are working to correct… That said I’ve recently played a few matches where it randomly was working


Unintentional and it still hasn’t been fixed :confused: