No Meteor Goliath Elite Skin?

Well, as of now, meteor goliath shares the same masteries as goliath, but doesn’t have any skins.

Well that’s a shame. But the 10% bonuses are still worth it.

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Meaty has no elite skins because Meaty is always elite.


Wait, you got MG elited? I didn’t know he had masteries… o.O I didn’t have any masteries with him. Are Goliath and MG’s masteries tied or something?

Do you want a badass skin for your meteor goliath?
Here are some things to make it real:

  1. remove blue colour
  2. add green mixed with brown flames
  3. add the following audio fx:
    Fart while charging
    Burp during firebreath
    Weeeeeeeeeeeeee while leap smashing
    Replace evolve roar with random murloc noises
  4. Make meteor goliath flex while in position for rock throw

@Swaggles, @xTr1ckOrTr3atx

This is from the patch notes:

So there are now TWO monsters to get to elite after this update :open_mouth:
This will take a while ^^

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Did you atleast unlock new Symbols?

Oh wow. But what does this mean in relation to old MG? Was it always elited, or did it always have a +0%? I’ll defo be getting MG elited. I’ve been finding him quite effective after watching one of @EAX’s VODs and using the build he used.

I don’t know for sure, but the devs always said that MG shares OG’s masteries, so I guess he had the +10% when you had OG elite.

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Well I now realise it was the normal Goliath elite but looking at the end on the mastery it states that there is one so I got excited haha.

Well @MaddCow showcased all Monster skins on Thursday but unfortunately MG had one.

Do not worry I am quite aware of that haha! I decided to be that 1 guy that wouldn’t play gorgon and grind Meteor expecting to unearth something but was disappointed :stuck_out_tongue:


Farm solo mode lol

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Hoping to make a vid about i? Lol

Are you kidding? It already in itself is an amazing reskin. With slight model tweaks. Be grateful they even did a variant of one of the monsters…

lol where am I being ungreatful? I was just got excited thinking there was an elite skin for him and I realised there isn’t.

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Every Monster has an Elite skin waiting at the end of its mastery. It’s not far off to imagine that something similar could be there with yet another.

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Perhaps some day. White flames.

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A while back someone even recolored him:
##Fan Mode Bog Meteor Goliath


or maybe red or pink