No Meteor Goliath Elite Skin?


Just spent the last 2-3 hours or so getting him elite expecting some epic skin for him at the end where to my unfotunate realisation there isn’t one. Why? I crie ery teim.


Sadly, there will be no elite or any other skin for Mg. It would be cool if he had white fire though, or any color! Blue is overrated now. Give us pink!


I’d like green fire!


Im wondering if the hunter adaptations will have elite skins, since you can actually use your other skins for that character on the adaptations.


Did you expect there to be one?


Did you read the post? (you’re answer is in there)


Well, as of now, meteor goliath shares the same masteries as goliath, but doesn’t have any skins.


Well that’s a shame. But the 10% bonuses are still worth it.


Meaty has no elite skins because Meaty is always elite.


Wait, you got MG elited? I didn’t know he had masteries… o.O I didn’t have any masteries with him. Are Goliath and MG’s masteries tied or something?


Do you want a badass skin for your meteor goliath?
Here are some things to make it real:

  1. remove blue colour
  2. add green mixed with brown flames
  3. add the following audio fx:
    Fart while charging
    Burp during firebreath
    Weeeeeeeeeeeeee while leap smashing
    Replace evolve roar with random murloc noises
  4. Make meteor goliath flex while in position for rock throw


@Swaggles, @xTr1ckOrTr3atx

This is from the patch notes:

So there are now TWO monsters to get to elite after this update :open_mouth:
This will take a while ^^


Did you atleast unlock new Symbols?


Oh wow. But what does this mean in relation to old MG? Was it always elited, or did it always have a +0%? I’ll defo be getting MG elited. I’ve been finding him quite effective after watching one of @EAX’s VODs and using the build he used.


I don’t know for sure, but the devs always said that MG shares OG’s masteries, so I guess he had the +10% when you had OG elite.


Well I now realise it was the normal Goliath elite but looking at the end on the mastery it states that there is one so I got excited haha.


Well @MaddCow showcased all Monster skins on Thursday but unfortunately MG had one.


Do not worry I am quite aware of that haha! I decided to be that 1 guy that wouldn’t play gorgon and grind Meteor expecting to unearth something but was disappointed :stuck_out_tongue:


Farm solo mode lol


Hoping to make a vid about i? Lol