No matter what I do the hunters keep catching up with me(Goliath)


I’m seriously getting frustrated with this game. I’m always getting hit with tracking darts and trapped in the dome. Whenever I try to fight I usually get destroyed. I start the round with 2 fire points and one leap. I’ve tried sneaking around, tried leaping as fast as I can and still get my butt kicked. How are there monster players getting win streaks every game?


I like to lead clear footprints in a certain direction then very quickly switch to sneak mode (at the very beginning of the match) and sneak back in the opposite direction, then start feeding while constantly sensing if the hunters are nearby. This tactic has worked for me with both Goliath and Kraken most of the time. I try not to stay in the same place for too long, while leaving more misleading prints.


Just don’t fight, sneak for the whole game, make tracks and then stop and sneak the other way and if you do get in the dome, don’t fight, just keeping running around the dome or just kill the trapper and then leap out of there


As an MLG Goliath player, I will tell you that it’s quite normal the Hunters will find you quite often. To put it simple, a team of good Hunters will almost never lose the Monster and will always cut him off or get close enough for a dome.

First off… I highly suggest 1 Leap / 1 Firebreath / 1 Charge as a starting. It’s significantly easier and allows you to clear out of dome range in time. Use firebreath to clear mines and burn hunters while they’re in the air. Your only breather is to either sneak around the Hunters and hope they take too long to realize you double’d back or down someone in a Stage 1 engagement and make distance afterwards. Lastly… always make sure to keep 1 stamina bar at all times (To help with running from domes). 2 Is better, but it’s up to you. Use your smell to see which side the Hunter is coming from and go the opposite side, or better yet go near him, trigger dome, and use your leap/jump/charge to clear the dome.


if you really want to just outrun hunters, i’ll give you some advice: take 3 abilities at Stage 1. whatever you’re doing damage to creatures with, Charge, and Leap Strike.

constantly use the sniff mechanic, when you’re not eating, or even while eating. don’t ever use Charge or Leap Strike unless you’re A) caught in the dome or B) running away as fast as you can from the hunters.

As soon as you detect hunters nearby, and they know where you are, start running as fast as you can in the opposite direction. If they try to catch you and you don’t have Leap (the base ability) use charge/leap strike (or both) and then use the base Leap and just keep adding distance.

I hate playing against ANY monster that does that, but if it’ll help you learn then i’ll put it here and hope it helps.


Same thing happens to me as Kraken, I recommend the following:

  1. SNIFF 4 DAYS.

  2. If they get close enough that the trapper can easily dome you, RUN. Don’t sneak, don’t hide unless you are a Wraith in a large bush. Don’t alert birds, but run a good bit until they are past you.

  3. Depending on the breed, utilize your movement as follows:

Goliath: Leap as often as you can, you don’t leave prints midair and a good monster knows how to leap so the enemy does not see him leaping.

Kraken: Only use flight when absolutely necessary, you move incredibly slow and are highly visible.

Wraith: Use Warp to cover ground, but don’t rely on it as much as Goliath. It doesn’t go as far as you might be led to think.

Finally, learn to utilize the battlefield. If you are goliath and they dome you before getting a line of sight, hide in a bush. If you are kraken, try to hide on top of something very high as you are more easily seen in the bushes.


What soldier goes into battle without his armor and his weapon? Make sure you go into battle with the same; your armor and your weapon - the ability to fight!


Your MLG? I don’t even think big companies are recruiting players for evolve. I doubt they will until there’s a healthy playerbase. Do you mean competitive?

–Just sayin’–


If you need to evolve and you can’t get them off your tail as galiath attact them as far to one side of the map as possible. Then race to the other side off the map as quick as possible. The distance should give you enough time to evolve.


I appreciate the advice guys, but I just can’t seem to implement these tactics properly. The last team I was facing for 10 games in a row I won like 3 of them as the monster. I do the worst on Fusion Plant. I try leaping from the start, leaving footprints in one direction, sneaking the opposite direction, and ended up making contact with them. And as soon as that happens I get hit with a tracking dart so theres really nowhere for me to hide. I started the round with fire breath, leap, and charge also. I usually go with the feeding boost of 55%. Everytime I get domed on stage 1 or 2 and can’t do shit about it because this team kept laying mines and traps doing damage to me as well as slowing me down. I spent 100 bucks on this game and wanted to mainly play as the monsters and am having a terrible experience so far. I can’t even unlock the Kraken for GS.


I was being sarcastic. Hence the italics.


We’re just that good.


I haven’t taken a tick of damage to my health while playing kraken (apart from one match where I took over a bot) does that mean I can be mlg?


Honestly man, if you really can’t figure out what to change with your play, take a video of yourself playing and post it up for people to critique. It’s hard to say why you can’t get away from Hunters without seeing you play.


My start with Goliath is 2 fire breath 1 charge.

2 fire breath kills the critters very fast letting me feed quickly. Charge is my extra movement option.

Also pay attention to the trapper! If it’s Maggie run more cause Daisy is built to find sneaky monsters. Griffin and Abe sneak for days.

If you get caught at level one don’t fight head on. The dome is a big place, run and hide. Hit and run tactics.

I’m sure you know to use water to hide your tracks. Even that will only buy you precious seconds. Keep moving.


don’t run into birds. use sneak to not leave footprints. don’t do stuff that makes a lot of noise when they’re nearby. evolving also gives away position by sound cues. sniff a lot. but if they’re using maggie you may as well be using jumping and climbing big cliffs to kill their jet fuel.


Why do you guys take firebreath? 2x Charge instagibbed pretty much all wildlife back in the last alpha and I doubt, that this has changed. It is also a lot better against hunters.


Because you can fan out fire for large packs and also you don’t run past your kills and have to double back 10 meters or so. Also ideal for hunters since usually someone has cloak.


Also I tip I posted in a similar thread

Here’s something that’s worked for me. With fire breath kill every little thing in site as you continue running the map, don’t stop and feed, then circle back around and feed then. I will always agitate a larger creature if the hunters are trailing me and run on by, they will most likely get stuck fighting it or just fight it because it’s almost dead, then I circle back through for the quick feed.


Don’t try to use sneak the whole game, make use of those traversals and take charge, if you really want it. Also, take the sniff perk, it can help you a lot and make sure you ALWAYS sniff and look for any little red people heading your way :smile: