No match rewards when last player in a game?


So not too long ago I was playing a match as Monster. Every fight was to my favor, even stage 1 engages. One by one the hunter players began disconnecting, then as I win another fight as stage 2 I began heading towards the relay as I was ready to evolve and destroy the relay.

Last player leaves, I get booted from the game because all other players left the match, no rewards that I’m able to see, not even sure it counted as a win. Why punish me when the hunter team decides to rage quit? Literally all I needed was another 15 seconds to win, was evolving in front of the relay when the match ended. (The last fight was on the other side of the map so the relay happened to be a convenient place to stage up)


This is definitely a problem. too often does a match start without a full team, or something else entirely happens, causing the hunters to quit/disconnect. You are left sitting in a lobby alone feeling ripped off. Especially if it was going all too well for you.


Thank you for the report we will check this out.