No Man's Sky


Trailer. Words Ruin it

Sony got me Hyped for a game on a system I don’t own. Only two games have done that with me.


This is the most interesting game I’ve seen in a long time. It’s the kind of expansive and always changing gaming experience I’ve been looking for. Something radically different from the formula-based shooters and typical sports stuff the industry is always pushing. The best part is that it is supposed to be released on PC in addition to PS4. :heart:


I am a little confused about this game. It looks kinda cool, but I fail to understand what is done in it. Is it an exploration game?


That’s one of the bigger criticisms with it right now. Like it looks cool and ambitious, but nobody’s really sure what the goal is, they haven’t talked about it yet other than “Yes, there will be a goal.”


No, there is no goal. You can spend your entire time exploring a single planet, you can go out and be a pirate and rob convoys, you can explore deep oceans, or the darkest corners of the universe. There is no objective from what I understand, you just go out and do whatever you want to. *note that there is better ships, resources, ect closer to the center of the universe


To my knowledge, your goal is to get to the galaxies center. My knowledge comes from GameSpot, so take it with a grain of salt.


I really can’t wait for this game! as most religions have depicted their god in the centre of the universe, I bet you that there is a profound, deep, meaningful lesion to be learnt when reached that will just make everyone cry and question the meaning of life.
Tbh it will fly up out into deep space, point my ship towards a nebula- grab popcorn and just sit and admire the absolute beauty of the unknown whilst listening to MUSE full blast.


The game is coming to PC as well and at the moment PS4. However the developer is unwilling to discuss whether Xbox fans will get access to the game after a timed release.


Yeah, the game seems interesting, but what do you do after you play for five minutes? :wink: I jest… I fail to see the point of the game though. No matter how big they made the game, after a while every nook and cranny will be seen and there won’t be much left to explore… Probably just not my type of game though :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, according to this article by IGN, it’ll take 5 billion years to explore every planet in No Man’s Sky if you visited each one for one second


Challenge Accepted!

I pray this game is as good as the hype surrounding it though. It’s being developed by a small team so I have an inherent need to root for them but, I don’t want to be hurt again by game hype. As long as each planet is nicely varied and deeply explorable and isn’t on par with Mass Effect 1’s “planet is completely barren except for one thing” I’ll be happy.


Yeah, I read somewhere that if the game sells beyond their wildest dreams, 20 years from now, not even half of the universe would be explored BY THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY! You will never run out of things to do in No Man’s Sky. The only question is whether or not it will be able to keep you interested, but then again, MInecraft…


What do you actually do in the game? Is it just exploring space? I feel like I’d get bored of that eventually


Explore space, explore caves, explore oceans. Be a pirate, be a bounty hunter, be a space trucker ect. The list goes on


It looks like it will be a big part of it yeah. So far not a lot has been shown really, some spaceship fighting, factions apparently, enemy squads, so I think there’s a lot more to be shown. Found some news out of Gamescom:


Im pretty sure its just what you make of it! its good how its not linear and yet not constrictive, you are free to do what you want- but its still early days, I’m sure they won’t leave you in a universe that you have nothing to in.


But tell me about the hats


new details!. the video explains pretty much all, for now that is. hope this helps anyone :blush:


[quote]We know the universe of No Man’s Sky is truly massive, thanks to its procedurally generated worlds. Even if developer Hello Games could share the exact number of worlds players can visit, it would be incomprehensibly big. What it can provide is a rough estimate of how long it would take to visit every planet in the game: five billion years.

That figure was shared with IGN by Hello’s Sean Murray. It’s an extraordinarily long time, but what makes it more impressive is the fact that it’s merely how long it would take to visit each planet for a single second. What we’ve seen of the game so far suggests you’ll need far longer than one minute, let alone one second, to fully explore any given world, so suffice it to say, you’re never going to run out of new places to visit.

This is made possible because Hello opted to use 64-bit numbers to generate its worlds, rather than 32-bit numbers. When 32-bit numbers were being used at one point, it still would have meant taking several thousand years to visit each planet for one second. By moving to 64-bit numbers–which can store the astronomical sum of 2^64 total values, substantially more than the 2^32 total of 32-bit numbers–Hello was able to ensure it’s even more difficult to fathom just how many planets No Man’s Sky contains.[/quote]



This reminds me somewhat of Spore, based on the idea of visiting wherever you wanted in a galaxy (space stage), if any of you used to play it. But a different concept and a lot more detail :smile: looking forward to learning more.