No Man's Sky! Ya need to check it out!


So the first planet I’m going to name is going to be named Shear :3 But seriously guys and gals. If you haven’t heard of this game, just check it out and see if it’ll be your type of game :smiley:

No Man's Topic
No Man's Topic

Been following this game for a while. Looks amazing!


I KNOW!!! I canceled my DOOM pre-order for it! I am so excited about this game. But Evolve will always be my number 1 game :3


I’m just sitting here with DOOM, Overwatch, Battleborn, Shadow of the Beast, and No Man’s Sky on preorder. I saved up just for this month.


Ermagurd you’re lucky! College payments don’t allow me to save that much ;w;


Glad to not be in college yet.


I’ve been patiently waiting for a year now for this game.


I’m skeptical looks ok though


Can anyone tell me what you do in this game besides explore and name things? I’m missing the excitement.

Meanwhile, UC4, Battleborn, Doom, TMNT, Overwatch and Mighty No 9 have my money this month. Ugh, why do they have to cram everything together?


Well it might not be the game for you if vast open exploration doesn’t get you excited. I enjoy these mostly chill explore and see what’s out there kind of games.


According to what has been said, you can raid cargo ships, take part in space battles, mine planets, meet alien races, and much more. I’m excited for it I have to tell ya.


I was extremely excited about this game until they revealed the price.

Given that so little is actually known about the game it is certainly not worth $60 IMHO.


Well that is all you do is explore but the story of the game is your journey. You make the story for yourself.


Preordered this sum bitch as soon as it was ready for it


Really? I feel the complete opposite. I feel it’ll be more worth our money than DOOM to be honest. It just might not be your game! Like for me, I can make an inappropriate comment to compare my hype for this game, but I’ll just say I’m excited.


That could be taken the wrong way…




  1. Extremely little is known about the game.

  2. It’s as pricey as a AAA game.

  3. It seemingly has extremely limited content.

  4. It’s virtually a single-player only experience.

The game doesn’t look like its worth anyone’s time.


I’m fairly certain the goal is for you to do whatever you want.

Be a merchant, a missionary, mercenary, hell, maybe even something that doesn’t start with ‘m’.

But yeah, it’s sorta roleplay-ey from what I can tell.

At least, that’s the goal. I love the idea of the game, but like @10shredder00 said, there’s just not enough detail and confirmation for me to get my hopes up just yet.


It’s an exploring game where the planets you visit get recorded on the servers and are named after you. You also find new species and put them in the server database… It’s universe is also so massive, it seems eternal. There also space battles, which is neat. I’ll probably buy it when it’s more on a special, although the whole feeling of “I’m the first” will be gone.

But true, it’s not everyones “cupcake” to enjoy.


I know what it entails but again, the price and overwhelming lack of content isn’t enough to sway me.


I don’t think there’s a lack of content - just a lack of achievement content. You make your own goals, and then go after them. It’s a massive sandbox.

That just doesn’t appeal to everyone.