No Man's Sky Release (June 21st)


So with this game coming out and it’s preorders now available along with special editions and now release date revealed, I’m curious what everyone thinks of the game, who’s going to get it? Who won’t? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? The world may never know.


I bought into the SPORE Hype back in '08. I’ll sit on this one for a hot minute.


What’s the release date?


Yeah, what he said.


The release date is June 21st.


I’m excited for the game, but still clueless as to how the mechanics work.


It’s hard to call this a game as there’s very little to do. You just explore, see a few randomly generated things, mine some materials…even that seems skin deep. I think it’s a very particular market that this will appeal to. Would be cool to see a second iteration with gameplay at the core.


There hasn’t been much revealed but there’s a lot you can do and that’s not even mentioning seamless space to planet travel, GTA style wanted levels, etcetera.


I worry about randomly generated anything. Makes me think of Borderlands and how I tend to throw 99% of the guns I get away.

I prefer more though out and designed environments/items. But I will watch people play on Twitch I think.


So you don’t like the idea of an almost endless amount of completely unique planets?


Everything I’ve seen and read makes it seem that there is basically nothing to do and that tootling round random planets is going to have to suffice. I’ll be shocked if the reviews are raving about this game. Frustrating as when I first saw it I thought it looked really interesting.
Hey if this is fun for people then cool I’m not trying to change their mind but it’s done nothing to make me interested.


Correct, because an endless number of generic planets will get boring to me. I guarantee you will quickly start running into the same types of wildlife ect.

Like I said, Borderlands (great games, due to the game play) weapons were randomly generated and I would never find a gun that I really liked. I would also start running into guns that were very similar just different scopes and what not.

Hopefully No Man’s Sky has some good game play to back it up.


Generic? How so? Each planet will be completely different than the other. Sure, you’ll see this plant on a few, or this rabbit on a few, but you’ll never see them in the same place, or at the same time.


Generic in that someone didn’t thoughtfully design it. They designed pieces and the computer is putting it together.

One of the first games I had ever seen this in was Lotus for Genesis. I was so hyped to design my own tracks only to find out you just moved bars up and down then it randomly generated the track for you. Those were the most boring and lame tracks.


pretty much as above. im hyped for the game, but i basically know nothing new about it.


It looks interesting but my policy with every game is to never preorder. I’ll buy it the day of but never preorder.


I am ready for planet e3 and the e3 fish


I’ve had my eye on this for a while, but I am also clueless as to what you actually do in this game. I know there are procedurally generated planets and something about pirates and trade but that’s about it. If all there is to do is fly around and explore then I will most likely not pick it up.


I used to be really hyped for this game, but lately it’s starting to become obvious that they’re praising the generation, open world factors and mining while almost deliberately leaving out any actual gameplay.

Like @Plaff and @deanimate kinda already said, this game really hasn’t shown particularly promising gameplay (or enough to begin with). There’s a clear gap in information about this game and it’s in the gameplay category. What you got here is a game that is doing extremely good in terms of innovation and creating hype, but that same hype might be their undoing in the end.

The more they keep stalling their release (mind you, NMK was originally planned for a 2015 release), the more is going to be expected of them. The developers have done an amazing job at keeping people interested and hyped but it’s really starting to feel like they can’t possibly live up to that anymore.

Also, keep in mind that the reason they went from 2015 to 2016 for their release date is beause they were experiencing really, really serious technical issues. There’s a chance that they’re not going to make June 21st for release either, these things can be unpredictable.


I know there is an insane amount of things to do, and I believe they said they had hundreds of people make planets and not completely generate them. They are all completely different planets.