No man left behind


I see many posts on here about the T4 hunters being OP and the Behemoth being UP (bugged or not), only for someone to answer “only been a day, give the learning curve some time”, etc. But what about the real victims here? By now, I’m sure you can only guess I’m talking about the minions. Those oft-forgotten stage 1 Goliaths stuck infinitely moving headfast towards their objective. They seem to come basically equipped to handle hunter abilities: they’ll melee off a harpoon cable, they’ll move when the orbital barrage comes in, but they stand there like a log when a Torvald barrage comes in. The community has already figured out that you can nigh instant-kill them with Torvald and sunny, not to mention crow’s armor ignore actually does significant enough damage to make a difference if the monster earned the buff for them. Defend, which was once my favorite game mode as either team is now boring. What’s the learning curve for the minions? When does this get fun again?


…What about women? :stuck_out_tongue:


The women!!! What about the children midnight!!! The children!!!


…What children ?


Grunts. Cannon fodder. Practice targets.

Their minds are simple, and they do not feel pain. We shall not consider these anything more than machinery losses. Easier to replace than actual soldiers.


Well sunnies presumably young… And who knows how old bucket is… He could be like 2 for all we know… And those minions clearly just hatched… Not old enough to even drink hunter jet pack fuel yet…

The muthafreaking children MULTI DAVID!!! THE CHILDREN’S!!!


Let them die :stuck_out_tongue:



Bucket is about twenty years younger than Cabot, I should think. TRS’s writer published official backstories.

And Sunny was an adult at the time of the Sword incident.