No major Hank or Sunny nerf but Bucket gets one?


Right. So now there is honestly no reason at all to not pick Sunny or Hank (as if there was before). Don’t get me wrong, the Bucket nerf was great, but TRS seems to have forgotten about the two overperforming supports.


They haven’t forgotten. We’ll be patching weekly! @GentlemanSquirl was crushing my dreams earlier with saying that Sunny is getting looked at.

Poor Sunny.


I don’t feel Hank needs much looking at tbh. His shields are strong for sure, but they only absorb one rock throw.


I think Sunny is really the only one actively over-performing, and still not by a great margin. Hank is strong, sure, but his utility has clear limitations that are set at a reasonable level.

Sunny, however, still brings a lot more to the table in terms of diversity compared to several of the other Supports. On the other hand, It can be argued that because they all bring something different, none are really better than the others. That’s not entirely wrong, but Sunny brings two separate kinds of utility with her, and that gives her a distinct advantage in combat versus having just the Drone or just the Booster.

She certainly could use a looking-at, because right now she seems tough to balance. Can’t nerf everything because she has 3 entirely different tools, all of which are strong. Overnerfing makes her useless, but you can’t nerf one and leave the others because that’s still massive utility. It’s a fine line.

I did hear, IIRC, that the devs were looking into separating her kit between her and her Variant. I personally feel that if this does happen, the OG Sunny needs to keep the Booster, as it’s more iconic for her, and we already have 2 other shield-based Hunters. Don’t need a third until the roster has grown a bit IMO.

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What else could they possibly nerf? Jeez, keep nerfing her utility and she might as well be useless. Yes, she has a lot of utility but that will always be the case until they split the drone and the booster. Buckets nerf were kind of odd, a 10 second increase cool down to his Mech is kind of a hard nerf but he is still far from useless.


Regarding, separating Sunny’s kit:

See this and the following posts:


Yeah, that’s the post I remember. Thank you! Couldn’t recall exactly where I’d seen it.


yeah Sunny needs a buff I think. She’s advertised as “The support with a huge gun! Sure she doesn’t have any damaging abilities… but check out that gun!” but then the gun doesn’t really do that much damage.


Her gun suffered from what I call “Visible Damage Syndrome” which means that if the monster player assumes the chunk of health they just lost was from a specific target, then that target was automatically doing too much damage.

Cabot and Torvald had the same problem. ‘Visible’ damage is too much and must be nerfed.