No Kala Tutorial Vid?


I checked and there is neither a regular or advanced tutorial for Kala. Why is that?


They’re working on it, it will appear on youtube when they have it ready.


It shall be a YouTube video. They did it to save data so the update wasn’t huge.


Thats kind of dumb. The point of the tutorials is to show new players how to play a character, and most people wont go to youtube to find that out.


They’ll implement it later, they just wanted to crunch data.


Well if they didn’t want to just occupy the hdd they would have simply put an in game link to you tube.
But some time ago @GrizzleMarine mentioned that TRS was planning huge changes to gameplay and made him wait to make his tutorial videos he wanted to put on youtube to help the new players. I assume that they will put up new tutorial vids in game, Kala’s one included.


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