No Interrupt with armor

I’d like the monsters to have their abilities uninterrupted as long as they have shields. As long as they’re not taking health damage they should be able to make the decision if they want to take the hit.

This includes actions like pounce, feeding, and generator attack

No, no, and no.

Do you have literally any idea how OP that would be?


So if Behemoth is at full armor and he pounces the medic, the hunters cant do anything? The generator also seems cheesy, also what would happen if the monster is eating a really good buff in the middle of the fight and you cant to anything to get him off… this necessarily doesn’t bring that many good stuff to the table, always think about the counter argument in these suggestions so that you don’t have an Asshole like me come and ruin the thread.

-BO (Off to the shadows I go!)




Pounce the assault, laugh as the rest of the team fails to push you off.


Well the monster wouldn’t be able to move, so he’d take whatever damage you could dish out. Once he’s out of armor, the power becomes interruptable.

As far as the generator not being interruptable, once again the monster would be stationary, but it would also encourage the hunters to hunt the monster once he’s been damaged instead of just camping the generator

I counter your argument with /rockwall.

Oh and…

Please no…

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Lets be real here, It would still be able to be cheese’d somehow, maybe attack the generator and once your armor goes down you run and if you get trapped you can just dome run if you think you are going to lose, there is just too many negatives to support this idea.

All that’d do is force the community to play crow and only crow, forever…

True, realized my wrong doing afterward.


You could say this for any change they’d make. You’ll never know the effect until it’s tried in testing.

Oh… We all know the effect.

It is pretty obvious what the effect would be. There is no way of this improving the game.

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What was insulting about my post, I didn’t call him any named, I just let him know that he doesn’t have my respect so he shouldn’t waste his time replying.

It’s more disrespectful to Highjack this thread like you’re doing.

It’s exactly like what @KaptinSkorge said, pounce the assault, Behe with full armor, that’s game right there.
Combine that with a rockwall gg.

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Disregarding someone’s arguments based on their character is a silly thing to do.


Not at all, you could still use shield and medgun, the pounce would literally do no damage.

Healing does almost nothing compared to pounce damage. Besides, if its the medic than there is no chance of surviving at all.

Yeah… For 5 seconds, then what?

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If they’re shielding and healing and not shooting, then the monster is definitely never getting off the body.