No I'm not complaining (This time ;D) But I had a question concerning Wraith


Well, I’m going to spit this out.

I understand “Cowardly Wraiths” aren’t fun to play against, just as a forward.

Do people have a problem with Stealth? As I understand it, Wraith’s decoy/stealth/speed capabilities were nerfed in order to make “Wraith more fun to play against” (IMO it did the opposite for me but that’s not we’re discussing here).

People had a problem with chasing a wraith down forever, which I understand completely! (Honest! I’m not such a evil guy!) But was killing her stealth and, essentially her livability the solution to this? I get that she recently had a buff to her armor and health, but she’s supposed to be a squishy stealth assassin… Right?

Sorry, I don’t really know how to conclude this. I’m just trying to figure out what direction every one wants Wraith to go. Maybe you don’t want Wraith to be as stealthy, maybe you do, maybe you just want to see me go to Hell, whatever. Be honest here, no opinions are wrong, contrary to what some people want you to think.

As I’ve stated before, I want her to be squishier, but quicker (She DOES travel the map the slowest of the 4…), stealthier, and higher burst that doesn’t just come from WB (Supernova’s meh, but when her melee get’s out healed by Val, if that’s still a thing I draw the line).

Let’s hear it folks.

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All monster melees are outhealed by Val. Except Behemoth, maybe, but that’s assuming he lands them all. Which he shouldn’t be.

And Wraith is no longer stealthy or an assassin. She’s a pit fighter now, a skirmisher. Lure the enemy out of position, let them make an error, jump on it, and take them down fast and hard. Which won’t happen against a good team but you know. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s a reason she’s not viable.


She is the hardest to balance because of the way her kit is used… idk how to end this post :end:


Wait Wait WAIT. I’m not the only one who thinks Wraith isn’t Viable?!

I’m pleasantly surprised. You think she’s gonna stay skirmisher, or do you think TRS is gonna make her an Stealth Assassin again (Pls ;-;)?

@BehemothOrigins, I heard that as well, assassins are notoriously hard to balance. But that’s why when you DO get them right they are


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We just need patience… and I got lots of it :sunglasses:

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Hah! Same here! Here’s to hoping she becomes an Assassin again! :wraith:

Though I wonder if everyone shares this glorious vision…


Imo Wraith is my favorite monster too bad she isnt that good versus premade teams.

One day the people will rejoice to the thought of wraith being “balanced”

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Hear Hear!

She’s my favorite too! Too bad they took away her stealth and Speed. My favorite things bout her too…

But if I wait, maybe the Dev’s will make her balanced AND what I liek! :smiley:

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Not by a longshot, mate. Most people agree. Most who play PC anyway.

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I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty stoked. Usually I have the least popular opinion on the internet. I think this is the first time people AGREED with me. :open_mouth:

Well, then what changes does she need? I have a few ideas but I’d rather hear everyone elses first.

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I don’t know. :stuck_out_tongue: Right now Decoy is worthless, it merely prolongs your life without doing anything for you in combat against good teams. Supernova is a DEATH SENTENCE and only works well if you can corner someone. Which, again, is them making a mistake. Abduct and Warp Blast do good damage and give control but one you pop those two you’re down to melees and Medic can outheal those, plus shields will have minimized damage already, and while meleeing someone to death you’re very vulnerable.


I agree. Supernova and Decoy need some love.

I thought a buff to movement speed would also do nice, or Traversal speed/Recharge rate would help as well…

Hmmm this is tough. :stuck_out_tongue:



Wonder if these changes I proposed forever ago would still be valid.


I think whilst determining the radius my be difficult, warp blast is in a good position. Decoy could either get better AI and less damage or just higher damage overall. Supernova could trade a lower radius for higher damage. Abduct is fine too. Just my thoughts though.


People have a problem with not being able to catch a monster once the stealth has been countered. Wraith was stealthy, with decoy doing plenty to cover her tracks, but you’d get on top of her, throw the dome, and she’d just then burst out and away causing the ultimate in anti-climactic feelings. In part I feel that we have the whole “hold the dome” meta on PC because hunters learned early and hard that trying to dome a wraith any time other than when it’s evolving was pointless.

You can’t have it both ways, basically. Be stealthy and slow, or be not stealthy and fast. She was stealthy and fast (in burst) and it meant she was uncatchable in all but the most carefully orchestrated of plays.


Her stealth was nerfed mostly because it was super duper boring for the hunters. Hell, I still run into Wraiths who get domed at stage 2 with full armor and refuse to fight, just running til 3. That’s not fun at all. A decent strategy, maybe (not really - she fights better when the hunters have bad positioning - but that’s what these players think I guess), but super boring. So, instead of a rogue, she was made into a duelist or skirmisher.

IMO all she needs is one or two more bars of armor, and she’d be fine. She does great damage and she’s survivable if she wants to be, but she is the only monster guaranteed to pay for strikes with health - and when her health pool is so low, it’s rough on her.


what they should have done was turn the sound off for dome throwing immediately upon release. then ppl would have domed wraith easier. now shes just to slow. shes fatter than behemoth!


All it would take is for decoy to not go after the hunters and wraith would have stealth play back without being impossible to dome. She’s bursty enough that she could get out of LoS, fire off decoy, and let hunters run on by while she jukes back.


nah decoy needs a complete overhaul. implement the overhead choice system slim uses to fire the bug. if not aimed, then decoy goes in the direction u pointed towards last before activating. this makes your version of decoy viable. but it also makes decoy behave in a way you would in a fight.

its so stupid how one time decoy can attack 3 times on one hunter, then the next time not move an inch from where u activated it not attacking once…i want it to go after medic while i set up for the combo on support…


What if.
-Decoy does the same damage as wraith per level stage. (level one decoy = stage 1 wraith)
-The decoy does not time out when you break stealth.
-Breaking stealth still renders you visible.
-Rather than duration the decoy levels in mobility and damage. Mobility meaning the wraith gets a speed bonus when invisible. (~15% per stage, Decoy not benefiting)

Decoy can now be used to add a second wraith in combat, which can be used as a distraction and weapon simultaneously. Meanwhile the stealth factor gets increased, making you much harder to follow when invisible, and allowing massive reposition potential. This also tones down the maximum lethality of the decoy in it’s ability to instagib against less experienced pugs.