No grinding for xbox one users :)


just seen this article and for the duration of the beta and launch if xbox one users pre order they will get instant access to the third tier hunters and wraith.
sounds good, especially as I am a xbox one user :slight_smile:

sorry edit! Here is said articles I forgot to post

Pre-PURCHASING on XB1 earns you Tier 3 on Beta?

maybe like half a day of work oh no. :stuck_out_tongue:


True but now I feel I can play the beta for fun and not grind to have everything unlocked for launch.


pre-purchase. theres a difference i belive. u gotta pay in full to get that unlocked.


Enjoy not working for it I suppose? srsly, where is the fun in that? Just having everything handed to you sucks the fun out IMO


No I still will grind to max all the characters. I may not totally agree with it but I’d be crazy not to use it.


I be crazy too, little buddy, but at least when I be craziest, I be floating all alone in space and the crazy, she float out of me, she soak into the walls, and she don’t come out till there be battles and little boys bump into the walls and squish out de crazy.


Ok Dink. Enders Game ftw. @MaddCow


Do you have to pre-order through the actual console?


Yes I believe so.


Can someone from TRS confirm?


AFAIK beta doesn’t count towards launch?

Typically it doesn’t… maybe they’ve said otherwise for Evolve


It does for Xbox One only. I’m as mystified as everyone else.


I miss the days where you didn’t have to grind to have all the tools available to you.

The FUN was in playing with everything available… that you didn’t have to slog through hours of gametime with stuff you didn’t want (or in the worst example, INFERIOR) to get to the stuff you did want.

Even worse if you’re not a day 1 player, get the game a month later, and have the bare basics while everyone is fully kitted out.

“Progression” honestly sucks and was a terrible “evolution” of MP gameplay… but audiences gobbled that shit right up and now all big titles have it (Some smaller hardcore games like Insurgency don’t waste your time with it though)

In the grand scheme, on a game I play for 500+ hours… it accounts for a small percent of time to grind out the gear… that doesn’t make the grind time suck any less but I can deal with it if I have to.

“Leveling up” should have been left alone with RPG’s but oh well


le sigh.

Kinda annoyed how MS paid to have all these extra advantages but 'tis the business of making games these days I suppose.

Really lame though.

Fortunately, I actually like T1 characters, so it’s not a deal breaker for me.


I agree, as much as I do have the opportunity to do it if I wanted to, playing on the Xbox One, I figured I would actually like to play the game and unlock everything naturally as it comes, don’t like having stuff unlocked on day one, it kinda ruins the progression! :frowning:

BUT if people want to go ahead and do that then good for them I say, I’m not going to judge whoever wants to unlock something either first hand or instantly!


Well, I shall enjoy the extremely short grind (compared to games like COD). Only character I didn’t like was Maggie but that should be easily overcome


Especially when you consider that, since the game is not cross platform, this really doesn’t affect you no matter what platform you’re on. On XB1? Then you have same access to early T3 others do. On PC/PS4? Then you’re dealing with T1-T2 for the Tech Test and fresh meat (and some T2) when we go gold.

Meh! It makes no mind.


Whatever time I’ve played during the beta and unlocked, I’ll be happy with carrying over. I’m not going to grind just so every tier 2 character is there for me in the full game and am certainly not pre-purchasing to get the tier 3 guys instantly either!

Except I’m only gonna grind for Bucket, of course. ;p


I disagree. I don’t think the ‘grind’ in this game is really all the bad. Infamy Level V in Payday, WAYYYYYY too long. Even grinding your first 50 levels outside of someone rushing you through something without good gear/loadouts was brutally painful. Having weapon accessories be determined mostly through RNG card systems at the end of a mission, F THAT Shiz.

That being said, I’m still going to go on record and say that T1 Hunters/Monster are arguably the most balanced. I think they have so much cross synergy and coverage that I wouldn’t be surprised if a LOT of T1 Hunters/Monsters dominated the pro scene for a while. Higher tiers do NOT denote better.