No Goliath Golden skin challenge?


I have read this post from @sfate

Can anyone else confirm that Golden Goliath will not be a thing?

Cause I was watching the stream and didn’t catch anything like that.


All the other Golden skins are being made challenge skins, I think it’d be nice to have one exclusive skin for the long time veterans. :smile:
That’s just my opinion though, I don’t even always run the gold skin. I like my Tiger skin so much.

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37:15 into the stream,

"Just wanted to mention the gold skin real quick cause i know that this was a conversation that was going on and i want to let you guys know that the goliath gold skin is not something that well give away again

so for those who got it back in march back when we said thank and you and we gave away a bunch of the gold skins, i want you to know the goliath gold skin is yours, and its always going to be yours.

The others (gold skins) we wanted to give people the chance to get them again"


Yes, in the stream @DamJess said that Gold Goliath will stay an exclusive skin for those long-time players and won’t be re-released again.

I think that’s a fair way to settle the whole issue that popped up on the forums about the gold skins; some felt they were being cheated because they got them early on for supporting the game, and other didn’t have the game then and also felt cheated.


Well thats cool, thanks man


The first players get the first monsters gold skin sounds pretty good to me.


Yeah sadly I had missed the gold skins even though I’ve been here since release. I didn’t know about the weekend events until I started checking the forum for behemoth information.


Too bad I can’t really play Goliath well. O.o

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Don’t feel too bad, I can’t either. Still don’t know what it is about Goliath, where I can land Abducts religiously at almost any range, but miss at least half my leap smashes at any range…

But at least we’ll look snazzy failing at Goliath!


I think they need to make silver and bronze skins.


Feel better now, Shred?



I celebrated in stream when I heard it.


Good, now stop whining.

lol jk yu no yu my homedawg ily shreddykinz :slight_smile:

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Question answered.

Quick question about Tier 5 skins

We decided to keep the Goliath Gold skin in the hands of the early adopters. However, there are opportunities for current players to get original, special skins in the future, just not this particular one. We’re saving that as our “thank you” to our first supporters. If we were to give them away to everyone, it wouldn’t be special anymore. Does that make sense?

Quick question about Tier 5 skins
Salty, really
Golden Goliath