No games on PC?


I know this has been covered heaps but I’m reading these forums and there seem to be a few PC players.

Basically my question is do I take this back and opt for the Xbox version, or is the player best also bad on that?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Where have you heard that? We’re everywhere on PC.


Well I’m barely getting matches, and just googling “evolve pc playerbase” brings up too many articles talking about how it’s declined an insane amount.


Well queue times are no different on any platform from what I’ve seen on these forums, so there’d be no point in switching out…
Might I add, they are working on this.


Okay that’s good to know then.

Just for reference, I’m talking about 10-20 minute wait times that often end in only 4/5 players joining, so then it restarts.

Is that sorta what you experience on PC?


Its more on the monster side that queue times are a problem for me, I generally can find a group of hunters in a relevantly decent time on hunter side.


Yeah that’s what I’m finding, and what’s more the global average for monster attacks is sitting at like 77 dmg per attack

Not sure if bugged or representation of tiny player base


yeah, queue times for hunter on PC have always been way better than for monster

as long as you’re willing to accept getting teamed up with 1-2 Bronze Elite baddies :frowning:



so you think stay on PC? If there are indeed people playing and it’s more a matter of wait times rather than no games, then I’ll stay you know?


Hmm, global average for everything isn’t accurate. At all. :stuck_out_tongue:


But 77 damage as a global average when it used to be 3000 something?


Yeah no it’s not accurate. I one saw the global average of Hyde’s flamer being 90 damage, no way that’s true. >_>


Okay no worries!


On console Crow’s stasis gun average is 1 XD.

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Think it was 2 over here :B



Btw…does crow’s stasis gun make the monster slower then abe’s stasis? It feels like it does.


Crow’s is stronger imo, not sure if it slows harder though.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…guess I’ll have to test that then.


I think the slow effect is the same, but unlike Abe’s you’ll tend to be slowed for longer in an engagement.

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How’s the wait time on console for matches? :slight_smile: