No Female Assualt Please

I want a female hunter for two reasons - I want a new steam achievement titles “Women to the Rescue” for an all female hunter win lol And I think a lady would be sexy in red so it would be a nice change of pace from the grizzly and mutilated assaults.

For the last reason, I don’t care if its a dude, chica or robot, but make them look a bit spiffier and classy like Abe - he looks so smooth with his hat and moostache. Or Val in her slick spy looking body suit.

Hyde, markvok and torvald look horrid. Parnell is the only smooth lookin guy, but he’s in shatty rebuilt armor. Lets get a class guy or gal in the mix. But again, I do want a female assault for the sake of an all lady team. Not for equality, but I like the idea in general :wink: So much chat and banter can happen between the ladies and comments and such. If someone still wants a rough tone for the assault then she can be Russian LoL

I’ll admit that sunny looks like a greace monkey, but her personality is amazingly bright and it outshines any oil spots. Not to mention she still pulls it off in a charming way. I think assault can be done in the same manner. Plenty of shows that have a sweet smile on a badass chica!

Is this more of what the OP wanted as far as reasoning goes? lol

You do realize how scandalous that sounds? :open_mouth:

EDIT: If they go the tough russion woman type of route, then they can still do her up in a nice lookin armor suit so its not shotty like the other assaults lol

The first 2 are REALLY well done. Some argue that Aliens (The second one) is one of the best movies of all time. Up there with Terminator 2 etc…

Yes and Ahem That was my intention.

I don’t even know what to say…I guess since you haven’t seen the movie and you’re going off just this, then maybe? But dang dude, she’s HOT! I’m a woman and I think she’s hot!

As a kid, the aliens series were the first scary movies I watched, and they horrified me. Now when I watch them they aren’t scary anymore, but they are such good movies. One of the true horror classics. Honestly the Alien vs. Predator series didn’t do them as much justice, in my opinion.

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Now if only all people would post like this when wanting something…

Ripley was a badass too, don’t get me wrong…but Vasquez was hard core!

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The sequel to Alien is still the best of any. Alien(s)

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That is all.

I think the quote was “Get away from her you female of questionable respectability!”


I’ll be honest, it wasn’t until the camera panned out till I could see the rest of her body that it clicked to me.

Maybe it’s the really short hair?

See i would like a female assault…but an alien one would be 2x cooler…and could be granted more…unique tools for fighting than say a woman with YET ANOTHER SHOTGUN.

however my theory is that after cabot first reported the situation to his employer. they sent a “recon” crew to salvage whatever was left after the initial evac from cabots team. so tier 5 will be a rescue squad to rescue the rescue squad…lol.

they will also be elitists that specialize in hiding things. or they will all know val lol.

True fact, a quote from the movie is

“Has anyone ever mistaken you for a man?” in reference to her.

Really starting to get sick of the overuse of shotguns. I played enough games where I can use it, and here we have this future spacey game with giant monsters, and lasers, and and and STUFF.

But nope, all I hear is the clickity clack of shotguns…

Clearly that body suit was designed by Sunny :stuck_out_tongue: Her color scheme is all over it.

Yep I third this - Our new lady assault needs something besides a shotgun. Even my wife said they were overused while spectating my matches x-P

I doubt they would make a character just for the sake of diversity or to please some people. That being said, I wouldn’t mind a beefy Irish chick. Don’t know why, I just feel like that would work and I’d love an Irish character.


Does it have to be human? How about a robot with a female voice ai like the one in your profile pic?

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Rosie is amazing, but also one of a kind. Honestly, I don’t care what they do. I think all the characters they’ve created so far are awesome and I’m sure the next batch will be no exception. I still want an Irish character male or female, though.

Edit: I’d also love to see some dual wielding pistol action, but that’s a horse of a different color, I suppose.

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Even if the assault was alien, she could still be female. That would be kind of cool. I’m a guy, and I think a female assault would give a lot of diversity, being able to have a full team of girls. And it would be a cool change from the obvious “big tough guy assault”
I always love any chance for new dialogue too.
Sunny: “Goliath how it feel to get beat up by four girls? Give us your lunch money!!!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Why did you get flagged did you say something wrong?