No Female Assualt Please


I really hope they don’t make a female assualt as of now. People just seem so determined to have one for hardly any worthwhile reason. I’m COMPLETELY against diversity for the sake of diversity. If TRS is going to add one, let them add one of their OWN accord and in due time, not some silly addition to the game to please the few.


No more human hunters please. All the rest of the hunters from here on out should just be Bucket in different bodies. It’s the only way to keep everybody happy.


That’d be an interesting take and an even more interesting dialogue, more non humans ahoy!

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No more killing monsters please.

Kraken is a very fine gentle man who enjoys watching a good cloud burst now and then.

And I think Goliath and Behemoth are great bowling partners.

And Wraith can Ahem contribute to the internet.

Just as a question
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Monsters Just Misunderstood?

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Wrong thread there buds @Sky_Kid @mortalbound

Ah… now I get it, continue gents


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Adding a female Assault isn’t diversity for the sake of diversity. It’s diversity because people want it.
People are asking for a female assault, because it’s the only class in the game without a female hunter, and has a lot of potential to be an awesome character.

Also worth noting, why is the addition of a female assault so bothersome to you? It’s not like “female” is the defining characteristic for that character. Would a lady assault with a laser gun be any different (gameplay, or thematic wise) than a male assault with a laser gun?


As a heads up keep this thread away from gender inequality conversations. Those threads have been brought up several times and devolved into stupid flame wars. Keep that in mind when you post here or we will close it down. The topic is to have diversity for diversity sake and not about gender issues.


Very well.

Diversity’s fine. And I really wouldn’t mind seeing a female assault for the sake of having a female assault.

Then again I wouldn’t mind seeing a male assault too.

I also wouldn’t mind having another female monster.


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Diversity for the sake of diversity is wanting a female and saying “That’s it”. When I see a thread pertaining to that single detail alone, I get annoyed. “Why do you want a female”,“Give me a reason for why you’d want that”, and etc. I hardly see any threads explaining all that for their reasoning.

You gave me a reason, and I commend you for it.


I want a female assault because I want a female assault. I want to play the ultimate female badass:


Just hope her face is at least gender defining. I still am having a hard time reading that pic as a woman with that bandana.

On a side note, is that from the Aliens series?


You forgot Calhoun from Wreck It Ralph.

Although she does seem a bit too similar to Val…



Yes, she is Vasquez from the movie Aliens.


Ooo, never did watch anything other than the AVP series, was the one above any good? I heard the series went down after the first, to this day I still have’t seen the first either hmm, I really need to catch up on my movies.


I want a female assult cuz Samus.



Yeah. I didn’t care much for Alien myself, but AlienS was fantastic.

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How can you say Vasquez was the ultimate badass when Ripley kicked fifty times as much ass?!

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