No Evolution Animation and Bugged Health Bar (PS4)

Was it only visually bugged? Is that normal S2 health or S1 health? (I don’t wraith often)

Did it go down immediately with damage, or did it seem to not go down (I.e. Health was all there and reducing as normal in the background).

Did this return to normal after S3? (If you got there).

Just a few details that may help o.o

Doh, should have included that.

Visually bugged, stage one health bar with no armour, didn’t go down or up, armour stayed the same, didn’t get to stage 3 so I’m not sure what would have happened if I evolved again.

This is an old glitch that taking a break fixed but can’t take a break in ranked anymore. Evolving again does it fix it sometimes but if this happens to you on the stage 3 evolve and can’t take a break there’s no fix. You can die without ever seeing the health or armor move.

I have definitely had this bug on xb1 too.