No Evac perks in Customs?


Title says it all, this is on Pc, Evolve 2 of course. BibleThump

Are they being reimplemented? Removed? ;-; Secret feature somewhere?


Tiny bump.


I guess because Evac and stuff is removed, they saw no reason to keep all the map effects - especially when they’ve been working on condensing the download size


They were still fun to play with. ;-;


I believe you can stil play it on Legacy Evolve :open_mouth:


We could see them return later as objectives.


You mean like, destroy this and get eels? Destroy that and get a minion?


Yep. It’s not outside the realm of possibility.


It’d be interesting if you do it during a match, the perk is also for that match.

Let’s say in the Dam, there’s an objective to destroy something connected to the dam. If the Monster destroys it, there could be a cutscene showing it and whatnot, or you continue playing and you see the water keep rising as you play. Unlikely, but I can dream. ;-;


They’d have to construct the map around it, so yeah, unlikely. I’m thinking more along the lines of something similar to Nest or Rescue, an egg spawns, the monster goes and grabs it, the Hunters get to destroy it before the monster gets there.


With that though, they could only implement the Ebonstar soldier, minion, and the colonists.

They’d have to think of creative ways to add all of them, or at least as many as possible.