No dialog bug [fixed]



Hello Evolve Community ,

I almost got no other bug , but this one I’ve got just creeps me out :c
I cant hear the dialog at the beginning of the match and I can’t hear any dialog
in the whole game. It was all the time just so cool to hear the dialog between Bucket
and any other character. I just miss this . I’ve downloaded Evole Stage 2 now 2 times and repraired the game files etc and it
won’t work :c

My system:

Windows 7 Professional 64bit
2x4GB 1600 DDR 3 RAM Corsair Vengeance
GTX 770 4gb VRAM evga supcerclocked
i7 4790k 4x4GHz cooled by a Dark Rock 3
My OS is runnin on a Samsung 850 EVO 128GB
Steam and Evolve are on my 2 x 2TB Western Digital Black running in RAID 0

Please fix D:
If you need additional information , tell me :smiley:

Best Regards ,

sorry for any writing/grammar-mistakes


Take a look at this. It might help with the problem. :slight_smile:

Your grammar is fine by the way. :wink:


Thank you so so so so much. I’m so stupid , that I didn’t see this earlier… xD


I guess it’s working now then? :smile:

No problem at all. :blush: