No cosmic Behemoth? :(


I know, it’s my own fault for not reading/looking properly but I really liked the skin and figured with almost 7€ he’d be in there. I need a pink/black ball of doom, please TRS. :frowning:


Not yet, but hopefully soon! I too want a sparkly space Bob!


And I want Kraken, Goliath, Wraith Jade skins…


Bog skins are pretty close.


And I want Kraken, Goliath, Wraith Jade skins.


Before cosmic behemoth comes golden bob.


No one wants a Bog Bob? :wink:


Nope, sadly. I wanted one too. Gotta read the fine print, NONE of the bundles include skins for the new characters.


Not sure I’d call it fine print.


Well you know what I mean by “fine print”, you’ve gotta read beyond the name of the download. XD


Ahh…so the description. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yus. That thing. ;~;


Behemoth Comet skin :wink:


I’m looking forward to Behemoth’s savage skin. NO ONE WILL BE SAFE!!!


I hope he gets a savage skin, honestly at this point there is no indication that Behemoth will get any skins that match the other monsters.


Understandably so though, as it would be pretty hard to transfer over color patterns that are made for scaly skin on to stone. There will likely be some that are equivalent to others (Jade to Bog, etc.) but there likely won’t be ones that are under the same grouping. Behemoth’s savage skin equivalant will probably end up either being Ruby or something similar with reddish rocks; or it will be obsidian with the rocks being a darker blackish color and the exposed muscle taking a darker red tone rather than pink, which I personally think would be awesome.


Yeah I can see them doing skins named after types of gems and stones.


And I want disco ball Bob plzz :slight_smile:


Obsidian Behemoth!!

I will continue to push this till its a thing! :smirk:


I imagine we’ll get something like Amethyst behemoth to go along with his rock them on his skins instead of being labeled as Cosmic