No character when you drop into game in progress


whenever i drop into a game that is already in progress i dont get to pick from an available character i only drop in as a basic soldier.


What do you mean by “basic soldier” exactly? Which character? What equipment?

When you JIP you can’t choose a role, but from the game after you can.


i look like a guy from fallout, ww2 helmet, goggles on. weapons are a shotgun, shield, and minigun. it happen to me twice when i dropped in as a “medic”. at the end of the game it showed me as leveling up my stuff for assault class but also as leveling stuff up for medic class. once the match is over and a new starts, i can pick a role and drop in as that role.


Um… No idea what you’re talking about dude. Can you explain what each of the weapons were, so that I may get a better idea of whom you’re referring to?


A shotgun, a shield, and a minigun? I think that’s Parnell, with a Shotgun Shield, SS Mode, and a Rocket Launcher. Yes, that can happen when you join in progress. Not always him, but usually a character you didn’t intend to use. You won’t be able to play him again till you unlock him, so there’s that good side.

Also, he’s an Assault, not a basic soldier. :smile:


I was thinking Markov, but Parnell DOES make more sense, lol.


Ebon star guy?


the character didnt look anything like parnell. and also only had 3 attacks. looked like this guy

but character probably didnt load or something. oh well no biggie i guess, still got to play.


Yeah its the same as this bug Ebon Star Soldier bug


Yes, another guy reported this. Seems like instead of making you an observer, it makes you this clown. It isn’t that bad, if a little unfair to the Monster, and annoying to you. It’s rare, though.