No Bot Takeover: wait until joining player is ready


This has bothered me for some time… you’re using a bot, a player joins, immediately the computer takes over. This is brutal, especially in higher level play.

Why not wait until the joining player is ready?


I agree. I’d like a system where the person joining must press the “take over bot” button, and then the person who is currently taking over the bot has, say, 30 seconds until being forced from the bot. Within the 30 seconds, if the person currently inside the bot presses another key they can relinquish control immediately to the person that has just joined.

A lot of times, we can get screwed over because we’re forced from a bot-takeover during a crucial time. Those precious few seconds where the bot is left in idle as the other guy readies is enough for a monster to capitalize, or for you to be denied an opportunity.


Exactly. Something as simple as [user presses Take Over Bot] then a 3… 2… 1… and it’s swapped out. This would be so much better than la la la, I am last hunter, I go find monster now.


Exactly! So many times when someone rejoins it’s at the worst time possible and the monster gets a cheap win because not even the player who join is actually ready.


Bump for this because premature AI ruins games.