No Bob glow when starting Defend


Small bug, but when starting a Defend match as Behemoth the full armor glow won’t show up even when at full armor until you eat something.


But I thought that was the point?


You start out with full armor but the full armor glow isn’t present, which is weird, cuz I have full armor ^.^


That’s weird, xbone starts with full health but I have to build armor


It was in the PC MASTER RACE patch we got a while ago, makes it so that hunters can’t bumrush you straight outta the gate and kill you


Ahh that didn’t happen for Xbox… Weird


Xboner scrub >_>


You say that now but when windows 10 comes you and I will have matches against each other :wink:


Wait what?? Please explain this!


Here, I brought it up in another thread and the mountain that roars was kind enough to post a link to confirm my statement :smile:


No one gives a crap about PS4 :cry:


My Bob bug
You know
The topic >_>


Well Bob probably wasn’t coded correctly to start with full armor in defend do you have this issue with any other Monster and can you reproduce it?


It happens every defend match, only Bob (that i’ve noticed)
I’ll snag some of my pics off steam when I get back to my Computer, I forgot to upload em.
And I haven’t checked any other monster cuz Bob is my goto, but I’ll test it


Woohoo! Sad it doesn’t work with xbox 360 as well, but I’ll take any step forward! Thanks for the info!

My monsters start on defend mode with armor, but I can’t test bob since I didn’t preorder :’(


Do the other monsters start off with the glow? Or just armor


My wraith does - Just checked :open_mouth: Using him now though :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the info!


So it is only Bob.
thanks for the info ^.^


Happy to help :bucket_salute: