*NO BETA STATS TRANSFERRED ON XBOX! No Tier 3 Characters w/ Hunting Pass & Pre-Order!


I have lots of quotes from TRS and 2K promising Beta stats would transfer. I have quotes that Tier 3 characters would unlock with pre-order and hunting Pass purchase. Also Unlocking level 2 on Kraken in the Beta would transfer unlocking Wraith.

None of this has happened. Not even the leaderboard stats.

Why TurtleRock?


Stats transfer required a my2k acc active during the beta. Hunting pass and preorder o not grant you third tier, it was a beta thing, now you only get this bonus from certain retailers.
Hunting pass grants you 4d tier f hunters when they come out, third tier is playable for everyone.


As S_Maelstrom said.

By the way it would be very nice if you could use for that kind of question one of the countless other threads about this topic. It would make the forums a lot easier to navigate through if not everyone would make a new thread about the same question/problem. Thank you


I saw the first page and there weren’t any addressing this spefically and to @S_Maelstrom you are incorrect the 3rd tier are NOT playable to everyone I played the beta, had teh same my2k account and I only have hyde with no stats. I had hyde 2* so should I have Parnell by default, same for Kraken.


I was under the same impression when they said “unlocks will transfer”. I fired up my XBO this morning and found that while I have 3 out of 4 Tier2 hunters unlocked from the Beta, I did not retain my progression on the Tier1 and Tier2 hunters (no stars completed). Also, the Tier3 hunters are locked, but I thought they said they’d be unlocked (meaning free to play). I have the same 2K account loaded as I did the Beta. Kind of a bummer that I’ll have to work through all of that again.

This is what their post states from the news feed:
If you participate in the Xbox One Open Beta, all character unlocks that you make through Kraken and the second tier of Hunters carry over into the final game when you purchase Evolve. As an Xbox One digital exclusive, if you pre-purchase the game you also instantly-unlock Wraith and the third tier of Hunters in both the Beta and the final game.

So according to this, it seems that only the unlocks stick around (I’m not sure if the perks counted or not, maybe someone else could chime in, I had to head to work so I never got to start a game), but the progression does not. Slight bummer.

I’m just looking forward to playing when I get home today. It sucks being an adult sometimes…