No Behemoth with the season pass?


So, can someone clarify this for me. I just bought the season pass, but I won’t be getting the Behemoth with it? It only includes the tier 4 hunters?


Its the “Hunting Season Pass”
Shite wording, but yes it only comes with T4 hunters. Sorry bud


It isn’t a traditional “season pass” as you would expect.

It doesn’t give you an entire season of DLC, the word season is just a joke.
Its the HUNTING SEASON pass. Not the hunting SEASON PASS.
Annoying I know but its just the tier 4 hunter bundle, not a season pass.


You will only get Behemoth if you buy him or if you preordered.


yeah they were better off calling it a bundle. season pass usually means content over time released seperately. oh well thats 2K for ya!


Alright, no worries. I’m more interested in playing as the hunters anyway.


I can feel the weight of your disappointment in this thread. Yeah behemoth was preorder or buy separate only. This is more of a “hunting season” pass than hunting “season pass” sorry m8


I’ve gone back and gotten myself confused. I got the digital delux version but I swore at the time I got Behemoth with it but looking back it says it’s only the 4 hunters. Have I screwed the pooch here?


did u pre-order? I think all pre-orders came with behemoth.


if you pre-ordered the game you will get behemoth.


Ahhhhh, see I knew it was something! Yea, I’m good then I was just having a mini freakout.


For just a measly 15 dollars you can get the Behemoth aswell, time to bleed out your wallet mait!


I bought the PC Monster Race pack. Includes the fifth monster but not the Behemoth (4th)? WTF?! Good thing I paid that extra $20 above the Deluxe cost.


Yes only the T4 hunters. It’s a F-up on 2K’s part with the naming. It should have just been called Hunter Pack 1


This is the biggest disappointment and the fact that you cant even get the monster by playing a lot at the game is just completely bs,

so the game is basically saying: oh you want new characters? you gotta fcking buy them and its your only choice or else you can just say bye bye to 50 bucks you spent on the game and only play 3 characters



hes free in solo custom mode i think… thats a way of trying him out before buying. also anytime a leaver leaves u have a chance to fill in and beat up some hunters.


Now I have no more desire to play any monster.


So they want you to pay an extra $15 for a monster that still needs more attention on top of the season pass which is $25 so just play one freaking mode!? Yeah total bull…


Yeah as much as I love this game, I can’t bring myself to pay $40 combined for 5 characters. I got the game used for $40. I usually have no problem with paying for DLC even if it starts feeling like a rip-off.

But $40? Plus that’s not going to include future monsters or hunters? Sorry guys.


Use your bargain hunting skills to find the DLC for less :smiley: