No Behemoth with preorder


I Preodered Evolve for PS4 at Gamestop and didnt recieve the behemoth I preordered it 1\20\15 and looked on receipt and talked to gamestop and nothing I did go ahead and buy the season pass as well but am disapointed that i couldnt be the behemoth. Anyone Else?


i have that same problem!!!@! this game was such a disappointment to me first all the dlc and then the server issues and now not even getting my preorder bonus, this is unacceptable and i dont plan on purchasing anything from turtle rock again if this issue persists


you mean all that dlc that was just cosmetic skins, yea huge disappointment there…


i mean the comment “no dlc was complete before the launch of this game” and then it releases with over 100 pieces of dlc. thats what is called a lie.


You’ll need to either work through gamestop or submit a ticket to 2K support.


Preorder bonus issues should be taken up with the retailer you purchased from. And there are not 100 pieces of dlc, there are 76 and that is only if you count singles and bundles together.


Guys, you realize that there’s nothing we can do? Ask retailer for support, why even bother coming here? We have no control over such problems.