No behemoth skins on ps4?


No jade skin on ps4?
and are the new savage skins Monster race only?


The jade skin is on PS4, I just bought it today. Check the store again and it should be there.


Will check again.


They said the only exclusives are timed exclusives, so you should be able to purchase the savage skin soon


Ok but I’m more worried about jade.
cosmic is showing but jade isn’t there for me.
and behemoth is unavailable?
(I pre ordered so its fine) or is this a bug?


Strange that cosmic is there but jade isn’t. You preordered the game right to unlock behemoth?


Yeah played as him yesterday.
But on store he is “UNAVAILABLE”
while the T4 hunters are “FREE” due to my season pass
but the only new skins I see in store is savage goliath. leviathen support skins, the cosmic skins and that’s it :confused:


That is very odd… I think it must be a bug if you can’t find it… I’ll see if anyone else on the forum mentioned this.


Thanks Please get back to me with any info


I couldn’t find anyone else with the same problem but the fact that you can’t find it in the store is strange… just to triple check, go through only the monster column in the store. If it’s definitely not there then you should submit a ticket to 2k and I can change this topic to be under the bugs category instead so the proper people can check on it here too.


Try going into the Evolve store from the Evolve menu. The Jade skin, cosmic skins and savage skins are all there. I don’t see nearly as many skins in the PSN store as I do in the Evolve store. Not sure why, but give that a shot.


Okay. all 3 skins can be found. but only when i go through the game to get to the store.
going to store directly it won’t show


Yep, that’s what I thought, but at least you can see/buy them, right?


yeah. thank you. :smiley:
@Hydrawolf we found out the issue :smiley:


Mind if I close the thread then since it’s all good and solved?


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Problem solved! If anyone else has trouble finding the skins, go into the game store and check.