No answer from turtle rock yet people stuck downloading


so I have seen multiple threads about people stuck downloading at 60 percent 80 percent excetra there has yet to be an answer from Turtle Rock regarding this and I’m looking for a admin or somebody on here to actually post reply and say that at least you’re working on it or what the problem is
and how to fix it with a solution please


Not sure there is a solution yet but i can confirm they are working on it.There is a patch coming on one of these days.


Im on ps4, i forgot to mention. I understand if they are working on iT. what I want is for them to actually say that and post it somewhere and address it so I’m not in the dark


Have you also tried a some-kind of PSN support?I don’t see many complains for PS4(thought we were talking about PC)
Actually PS4 had the smoothest launch out of all 3.Most of them was matchmaking problems.
I mean can we be 100% sure this isn’t a PSN fault?