No animations, missing weapon models and get stuck on cliffs (Resolved)



I’m new to evolve and I’ve found it very buggy. The caharacters are never animated, I’ve tried in training and in an online hunt and they enver move at all.

Also I can see the weapon I’m holding, they fire like normal it seems but I can’t see the guns.

I get stuck on walls. This happens when i try to use the jetpack to go up walls, angain both in training and a hunt.

I made a quick video showing all this happening in training mode:

I’m on a windows PC,
Radeon R9 280X 3GB
intel i5-3350p 3.10GHz 4 core
direct X 12
8GB RAM I think DDR3


Have you tried to verify the game cache integrity?


That seems to have fixed it. Thanks.


Glad to hear it!