No animated badge for slim?


I just elited slim and was looking forward to an animated badge, sunny gets the blinking robot, torvold gets the glowing hammer , dunno about crow, is there really not one for slims elite !? Because I can’t find one


Crow doesn’t have an animated badge :cry:


So crow and slim have nothing ? Isn’t that a little BS ?


Yeah it kinda sucks, but neither does Behemoth, theyll probably add in Animated ones for everybody in the future.
I hope


Yeah, I was wondering why there were only 2 badges. I decided to stick to my old one, with the change of the background.

Old Badge

New badge.

Was looking forward to a moving background for the dragon or something. : /
Guess I’m keeping Parnell’s forever.


Does torv has animated badge ? I elited Torv and never saw any :o ???

Im currently using the bot badge from Sunny !


His hammer glows I believe, no?


Does it ? I need to go check it out :open_mouth:


One of those new badges glow, think it’s a hammer. Pretty sure it comes from Torvald.


Yea it’s the hammer , the centre part glows


So I was right! Or was I? Does it come from Torvald? Surely you know, right? O.o


It does, I elited torvald and have glowing hammer, but the problem is its glow loop resets and it looks buggy


And how oh how did you elite slim without boosting?


I done everything except for challange 3 on the spore gun by just playing . I used solo matches to get those


Mate, I literally did it by accident. While playing Griffin with pubs.


Haha I’m not saying its not possible but I wasn’t sure if there was a trick to it I missed, I’m guessing it’s just luck of the draw


I really really really want more of the badges to be animated.


You’re so much better at this game than I…


Oh stop mocking me. Not my fault I get wonderful bugs!