No access to the Closed Tech Test Q.Q


Hopefully this reaches someone, I both Participated in the Big Alpha and own all of the Left 4 dead series, as well as pre-ordered my copy for Evolve. However I have no access to the Closed Tech Test. any chance a Dev or Community Rep can fix this for me, thanks!

also the old version on stream from the big alpha was not working, and i tried to uninstall it. it doesn’t let me re-install the game either just stays blank :cry:


It hasn’t happened yet. I would expect that Evolve will show up in your steam library over the weekend or Monday/Tuesday at the latest. For PS4 users I would expect the same but with an e-mail over those same trajectories.


Beta topic is pinned near the top of the forum.


i saw a few people play it on pc on twitch, but it only allows for local play with bots. just wondering if there was a download link i was missing. somehow i broke the big alpha version i already had


No, we don’t know how/why they have copies, but I assume it’s just free marketing from 2K to select users. How/why they are determined I don’t know. But if you can get thousands of people to watch for the price of simply hosting a single server or giving away a few digital copies, it’s basically printing money. I don’t approve of HOW they did it, but I totally agree with WHY they did it.


The people streaming the game currently are YouTube gamers that have special access to help promote the game prior to release. The usual peanut gallery (us) don’t have access to it yet. The Beta will begin for PC peeps on the 16th, so no worries mate, you didn’t miss out!


@SledgePainter Sweet deal, thanks for the heads up and everyone who replied as well. No use being salty about it then if im not the only one left out :sob: