No abilities glitch


I was playing a ranked hunt match as the monster and every hunter was dead except the trapper. So I decided to evolve to stage 3. But right afterwards every ability was gone. The icons at the top were now just empty circles. So I quit the game causing a loss. I understand that this might get fixed in the next update, but game breaking glitches like this should be patched immediately. Especially ones that have been around for so long.


This has already been logged.

In order to fix glitches and bugs, first they must find out what it is being caused by. This may require them to replicate the bug. How many times have you had this bug? Because I’ve only had it once in hundreds of games. And taking into account that there are lots of other players who have played monster, and the handful of people who have (at least reported) the bug, I’d say it’s probably quite a rare issue. This means replication becomes more difficult, and so the bug persists longer. It’s not an easy job, I think, to find and fix bugs. The player base can get 1,000s of games done in a day, which will uncover bugs. I imagine TRS can’t get the same done (and doubt any game development company could, unless they were massive, and the playerbase tiny).