No 3Gb update


Hi there , I don’t have the Tuesday update for Evolve so I can’t play the game, so I feel a little f*cked


Okay, that really sucks, but it seems like a Steam/PSN/Live error. Try contacting Steam/PSN/Live Support- they should be able to help.


Can you not even play in single player? I don’t think that’s affected by the update?


I’d be happy to help you out, but I need a little more information. What platform are you playing the game on? What is happening specifically? Does the game not launch? Can you not connect to people online? This kind of info would be very useful. Thank you!


I’m on Pc, it says missing executable and the game is just 129 Mb(and I can’t run Evolve at all)


verify integrity through steam evolve properties local files tab.


Already tried :confused:


You are the third one reporting this.I don’t know what this is yet but i can surely tell its happening specifically on your machine.
How i know that.
I skyped with another guy who had the same problem,gave him my steam account and he downloaded again 129 MB only.When he tried through a laptop it did a 26GB download as it should.But in his PC it wasn’t.

So not many advices i can give except from trying playing from another computer until the fix comes


I had this issue but since i couldnt contain my hype, i downloaded a crack and used it on original version :wink:

But after a while (like 12hrs later) when i turned on PC, i steam was able to update it…

I do not recommend this but if you REALLY REALLY REALLY wana play solo…do it… Since you already bought the game.