Nintendo Switch (NX) Discussion Thread


I don’t know about defectors…the IPad is many things. The Switch, as far as I can tell, is just for gaming Nintendo games. The IPad has mobile games, sure, but their goal isn’t intended for gamers only but businesses, hospitals, schools, etc. Their market is essentially for everyone, of all ages. I don’t see the two things (IPad VS Switch) being within the same market, to be honest. I would not expect an IPad to have the quality of the Switch in terms of games. If I want full game quality I will buy a full gaming console.


How to get people hyped for the Nintendo Switch

Hello I am ___ from Nintendo and we are here to show off the Nintendo switch…

10 minutes of silence for no reason later

We are going to have a new Mario game, Breath of wild is on it for release date, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Drops mic and walks off ending the event


The Snipperclip section was hilarious! 3:18:00 in about.


on my way to see… i fell asleep with all the stalls in the live stream.

oh this is by far going into the party game category for sure… Cant wait to see people inebriated and try and play this.

I hope they go 4 player.


(join in if ya want anyone, otherwise just enjoy my rantings)

Lets Gamestorm some out of the box ideas…

we can have 8 Switches connected = 16 controllers = 16 point field calibration.

We could use a setup to actually create a augmented space of sorts in a room…

Using mult Switch Consoles setup at different verts points in a room forming a invisible circle cage.

Using the controllers to scan the area from static positions as well.

also note, using max amount of hardware because… ya know… why not

have one unit docked, call it PRIME

Now we have a virtual space to play in an hexadecagon of sorts that can read your movements hands free.

That at least sets up a room… im assuming that the ir readers pick up at least 12 feet away. (two full male adult lengths apart)

we could even elevate the angles of the controllers to capture a more realized 3d image of the player and surrounding.

EDIT::ONE SWITCH CONSOLE CAN SUPPORT UP TO 8 JOYCONS. so I am guessing its either or. for each system you use, takes up some slots. but you can connect 8 switches in a lan party… offering 16 controller configs. Is that the max limit? or is it 32 or 64?


They said the game will support 4 players, which means…need to buy more joy-cons?


I think Nintendo is launching this as a personal device to be honest, or at least they expect everyone around you to own one. They did say syncing with mult systems is just clicking the cons in place.

The joy cons, although they are 45$ per one, (most likely have to buy in set though) I am looking forward to the HD rumble. I really want to see how that works and how it can be applied)


i want that statue.


That is true. In fact, I didn’t understand before why some news sites would consider the Switch vs iPad scenario.

However, if one goes back to 2012/2013, there were pockets of discussions about “PS Vita vs iPad vs Nvidia Shield” comparisons. There were also evidently pockets of anger among gamers who needed to frequently travel, or had a lack of time to be able to plant themselves in front of a “full sized TV console”.

Off-hand I would have thought these people are a “small niche”, but now I’m not so sure. These are the same people who had been buying MFI controllers for their tablets and didn’t get a PSP or Vita due to issues with both of their game libraries, or maybe they just weren’t impressed enough to pick those up.

The Switch is in many ways a “Super Nvidia Shield”, and it is notable that in those 2012/2013 discussions the Shield is looked upon as “a great gaming system if only…” The Shield was also 300 USD and back then Apple buyers already looked at it as something of a steal. The Switch ups the ante on both the social gaming experience and the whole MFI controller market with its form of Side-by-Side; Face-to-Face Multiplayer.

So… I don’t really know. Maybe the idea is to connect many different niche groups into one user base?


so your saying the switch is a

SNS? ^.^ sounds familur


Well, it was the “Super Famicom” where I come from. :slight_smile:


The console success…and ultimately Nintendo’s lifespan…will depend on its portability promises…if a lot of people are seen toting one around, and people having fun at bars or colleges etc. with them, they will all want in on that action. This is a very bold move by Nintendo and I really hope they get it right because if they don’t, that’s it for Nintendo I think. The Switch can’t really duke it out against the XBone and PS4, but the portability can make it a console that people really want to buy.


On one hand I agree… on the other I’m not so sure Nintendo is in as dire a state as some people think. They have scored a gold mine with their old library for example. Not many people know that Nintendo’s “iQue Player” (an N64 clone), by default, enjoyed a 12 year monopoly of the gaming console market in China - because all other systems were actually banned for “negative mental and physical effects on children”! :smiley:

The ban on competitors was lifted in July 2015, but I’m not sure Microsoft and Sony have pushed hard into China.

A 12 year monopoly in one of the world’s most populous countries is a long time to accumulate dough.

I’m also not sure how much of Pokemon Go’s success, or that of the Famicom/NES Classic Mini would go towards the bottomline.

But it’s not like Nintendo has had “no success at all” or something.

I also think Nintendo has mastered the art of production volume balancing. They seem to know how much to produce every time (that is, slightly below actual demand).

Personally I’d wait a bit before getting a Nintendo Switch, but I will admit that I did try shoe-horning a USB controller into an ASUS Tablet running MAME, along with HDMI cables for a “TV Mode” in a poor attempt at building some kind “super portable super console”… hehehe. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder…with Splatoon 2’s release does that mean the original Splatoon will be rendered unplayable? I mean, they have given up on supporting that game, officially, but will they kill the servers for it in favor of Splatoon 2? That would be pretty bad if they did but at the same time that would be double the expense, maintaining separate servers, no?



My hackles are raising already…

Edit…even so I am heading out tomorrow to see if I can get a pre-order at WalMart. I just called and the guy said they should have some left. He asked another guy who said he thought they did. I have to come in at 8-10 to put 10% down.

Watch…I go in tomorrow and they’ll be like, oh no, we were sold out days ago, why did you think you could come get one? Well, I don’t know who you spoke to but we don’t have any.

We shall see.


I don’t see how spending an extra $30 for the charging grip is mandatory. 20 hourse of battery should mean you really only to charge them once every 3-4 days. It’s not that hassleing I don’t think.


This could happen to you tomorrow:



I like how they say we’ll need it but it said that we can charge the joy-cons on the doc. If the joy-cons have 20 hours of battery then that’s your fault if they die. A. No one is going to play 20 hours strait and B. You should be charging them when you’re not using them


I don’t know if I believe the 20 hours but…IF that is true I won’t have a problem. I haven’t had any issues with the Wii controllers and never did invest in a 4 controller dock…so at least there’s that.

I realize I am something of a hypocrite…a big part of me hates Nintendo’s tactics and yet I went to wally world and pre-ordered one anyway. I actually was besides myself asking if I should or not all night long.