Nintendo Switch (NX) Discussion Thread


Well both Bethesda and 2K have exactly the same “denial” word-for-word. This indicates they were both given the same statement.

I’m thinking in Bethesda’s case, they didn’t want to affect the release of Skyrim Remastered for PS4 and XBO with a Switch announcement just 6 days from launch.

Nintendo likes to control the narrative too, I guess.



Still weird. No denying that.


Not again Nintendo, don’t promise 3rd party support when there’s nothing to show for it!

The Nintendo Bait and Switch?


It makes some sense… If Bethesda came out with their own announcement for Skyrim Switch… with the hardware only explained via a 3 minute “teaser”, Bethesda may be pressured to talk about features and content.

That can potentially affect the Skyrim product on PS4 and XBO (if say… there was different or unique content on a Switch version). Bethesda would also be in the uncomfortable position of talking about Switch features that Nintendo possibly only wants to reveal later.

Imagine if Bethesda talked about “touchscreen functionality” (when Nintendo has chosen not to talk about touchscreens right now)… or if they had to explain how “back-to-back Switch consoles” multiplayer would work…

It’s best to follow the lead of Nintendo in that scenario and not say more than the hardware provider is willing to say.

Of course in that case, you might think it would have been simpler just not to include 3rd party content in the trailer? But you have to admit that putting Skyrim there generated some buzz by way of a “response” to an old criticism of Nintendo and 3rd party relationships.

It’s also not wise to suggest that Bethesda (and 2K) can confirm everything and then just tease the public by saying they’re going to play along with Nintendo’s game and zip their lips on details. That could be misconstrued by Sony and MS as a form of “Publicity Collusion” and remember in Bethesda’s case it is releasing content on both Sony and MS platforms at an imminent period. So it has to maintain a position as a “neutral supplier of content”.


Well what they did could be considered false advertising. Cause you literally see gameplay of skyrim on the Nintendo switch. Though it could be the same situation with how beshesda said remastered skyrim wasn’t coming even though they have been working on it xD


Well I’m not entirely sure, but I believe, for both the 3DS and the Wii U, Nintendo has an online store for distribution of their games. I’m sure they’ll have one for the Switch as well.


That article is from a month before they announced it and the date they’re reporting and the name they apparently confirmed for it already didn’t match up with what Nintendo has announced. I’d find anything from that article hard to believe.


So the Nintendo Switch supports only 720p resolution native. On the device that is fine mobile, but on a home tv screen I don’t think it will be enough.


I like this and its a great direction for them and gaming as a whole.

not a bad choice so far.


actually the native tv out is 1600x900 but has 4k video streaming.
but if your talking the little handset… 720p is just fine.


I haven’t seen anything on that yet, all the main sources just say “720p” right now. Which is fine for portable it’s home screen use I was concerned about.

Still 1600x900 wouldn’t be that bad, I would be fine with that myself.


same… Even though i have a big ole grfx card in my computer… I usually play on my 1600x900 samsung monitor 8P


The biggest problem would be if the games shown in the trailer never came out on the Switch. You think the lawyers at Nintendo, 2K, and Bethesda haven’t ironed that obvious issue out?

Which is… well… When all parties go silent and not one of them complains?
“Tacitly Affirmative” if you ask me. :wink:


Hmm, it’s already on the market for pre-order but the price tag seems…steep:,loc:2&gclid=COqgxbeqx9ECFYGCaQodk7EKnw

I mean, I was expecting a $250 price point.

Is it worth pre-ordering consoles to ensure you get one at launch? Or is that more like a crap-shoot?


There’s a couple of things that kinda stop me from buying it.

  1. Not enough titles at launch.
  2. No Nintendo NX bundle for the same price (300$ just for the console, still need to buy a game)
  3. Having to pay 5$ a month just to have online functionality (although first few months will be free). Aside from being able to go online, what else do you get for your 5 bucks? A free old SNES/NES game you can only play for exactly…drums roll…1 month. (Nintendo hasn’t realized anyone can download an emulator and play any old game on their computer)
  4. Performance is still questionable, as journalists have reported games not playing at 60FPS during their demo, so more will be revealed at launch.

So, depending on how the switch does, I might consider buying it around Christmas period (which is also when the new Mario Oddessy will launch, which looks like a fun game)



worships breath of the wild


If that game would come bundled with a nintendo switch at a 300$ price tag, it would be sold like fresh croissants at a French bakery.

However, it’s not. It’s 50$ above expected price without a game and also the price for their accessories kinda is disappointing. 90$ for an extra docking station? 70$ for a controller? - sorry - I mean “pro” controller.

The economy isn’t exactly booming that they can expect people to shelf out a lot of money. So yeah, I’ll wait for christmas for a deal on it (Zelda can wait).


After having not payed for use of internet multiplayer for Nintendo before…I don’t want to have to pay now…but my Splatoon fever demands it. That said, I am upset we don’t see a bundle yet as well. Nintendo is really starting to get on my nerves with their policies, prices, supply, you name it…


I actually think “ARMS” would be the superior pack in. its got that grab the family vibe on it and it would be a great showcase for fun too.