Nintendo Switch (NX) Discussion Thread


Sceptical Struthiomimus is sceptical.


Honestly, if it didn’t affect the game at all, I’d probably rather use those small cartridges than a small disk kinda like what the PSP had. Or even the regular sized CD’s we use now, they would at the very least be more portable which could only help this system.


I should draw an image of that…minus feathers!


You guys are missing out on Splatoon. If you like basically any shooter, and four versus four teaming with unique weapons and a lot of swag, it’s a must buy. It’s basically why I will invest in this product…that game alone, let alone the Mario games, is all the reason I need. I hope those of you that missed out on Splatoon for the Wii U will get into it on this device. It is a gem of a good time game.


I’ll probably try it, it’s just not a system seller to me.


Damn I forgot about that one. I had been following it when it launched I just never got to play it. I would buy that too.

Now that I think about it I’m already excited to be playing Mario Kart, Splatoon, Zelda, this new Super Mario Bro’s, and possibly Super Smash Bros on Switch.

Not to mention the Pokemon possibilities!!!

I guess this system really is a must buy for me haha.


I would say thank you, but.
I still haven’t been granted my sue money.


This looks really fun. I mean not just the games… but the act of sliding the controllers actually looks addictive. Hahaha :smiley:

Can you imagine if the controllers made that hockey puck sound whenever they clicked in place? hahaha

I’m also hoping Switch gets a Zombi-U sequel that takes advantage of the hardware design (like “walk-in” multiplayer if another player brings his system into your living room near yours).

Also note:
2K’s NBA 2K17 and Bethesda’s Skyrim appear in the trailer. Both publishers have a “canned denial” statement which confirms there will be “title announcements in the future” and that they are onboard for Switch.

For Bethesda, I think the “denial” is important because Skyrim Remaster is launching on PS4 and XBO in one week. It wouldn’t serve that release well to announce an even newer Skyrim Remaster.


After some recent threads of people worried about how out-of-town trips can mess up their Monthly Punch Card Rewards in EVOLVE…and seeing as 2K is a Nintendo Switch partner…

Is it too late to petition EVOLVE releasing on Nintendo Switch? :wink: Think about it. The only system where you will almost never miss a single log-in reward!


It seems a bit gimmicky, but also like it might be pretty good.

Also I hope Nintendo to make a Metroid game for it to try and entice buyers. I will buy one solely for the Metroid game, why don’t they want my money‽


I think they should remake a lot of old titles again for it aswell as Metroid yeah.
Btw, happy cake day! :smile:


I know, this might not be an issue for people in USA (like I asume you are) and in first World countries. But everywhere else it becomes more complicated to get hold of the physical game instead of just paying for a download through internet. And even though downloads are usually expensive in local currencies (and catalogs are regionally restricted), physical games end up costing a LOT more. Besides customs rates, here in my country they tend to charge just whatever they want, sometimes 3 or 4 times their converted cost.

So yeah, It’s not as easy as people in japan or the US for everyone.


You know, I was gonna ask if Evolve would get a Switch port but now that I know Nintendo used false-advertising in their ad for the console I know longer have any hype for it and therefore don’t care if it Evolve gets ported to it or not.



I wondered why they’d be showing a game that releases next week for a console that is 5 months away.


Yeah, plus now I feel like an idiot because I was telling all my fellow game enthusiasts at work that they can play Skyrim anywhere if they get the Switch :unamused:


$450 For Base Unit
$50-60 for pro controller
$60+ for first party titles

  • whatever other accessories you’ll want

A bit pricey for the power you are getting.

I can see why Sony and Nintendo want their consoles release before the Scorpio comes out.

I’m thinking Scorpio will make both of these system look like rip offs once it reveals a console that has higher specs at a similar price point($400 - 500).

If the Switch was released for $250, for just the portable unit and attached controllers, then I could see it flying off shelves. But if you have to buy the upconverter unit/charging station along side it for $450, then ew.


Not giving up my wii u but it looks neat. If Mario kart 8 is on it, that would be awesome


You saw this where? It’s being rumored for $300-$350.



Really confused how you’re believing that…


Might include the charge station.

Factor in Nintendo wants to sell it at a profit.