Nintendo Switch (NX) Discussion Thread


I like the look of it o.o

I might get it if it’s not ridiculously expensive.


The rumor is $300 for the system by itself. Which sounds pretty fair to me.


Fair enough, 100$ cheaper than my ps4 so yay.

Might get it then, depending on the first library of games.


Well they showed off Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Skyrim Remastered, NBA 2k17?, and what looks like a new Super Mario Bros game in the trailer. So it probably includes those. Maybe even Zelda and other 3rd party games coming out around that time. Hopefully they’ll bring Super Smash Bros to it as well.


While a good game, would not get me to buy it.

As nice as that is, I have it on pc :confused:

The new Zelda on the other hand:

#Hell yes.

I would buy just for that.


Same here hahaha

I never owned the Wii U, but I have played Mario Kart 8. It’s definitely a ton of fun and a must buy if you own the system, but not a system seller.

If they had Zelda and Super Smash Bros it would be a must buy system from launch for me. And the Mario game actually looks pretty good too. I get a Mario 64 vibe from it.


Same, only because there are only 2 games on there that I would buy it for.

Pikmin 3 ( I adore the pikmin series)
BAynoetta 2. (looks like fun)

But it’s not enough to buy it on it’s own except for a really reduced price.


Skyrim was shown, but then there is this


I’m not buying a system to play old ports, but if the price is right and exclusives interest then i’ll bit


I’ve only ever played a demo of a Pikmin game and it was fun, but I didn’t really get it haha.

If Nintendo gets third party support back then I would probably switch a good bit of my single player gaming over to the Switch from my PS4 and PC.


It’s an exploration and puzzle game. You explore the world to collect things.

Pikmin 1: you crash land on the planet and have 30 days to collect your spaceship parts before the toxic oxygen kills you.
Pikmin 2: your planet is almost bankrupt so you go back and collect things for money (essentially)

Pikmin 3 idk cause I haven’t played it.

But there’s a lot of puzzle working, exploration, and combating the hostile wildlife.

super fun. :smiley:


It was years ago since I played it and the demo didn’t seem to give any good explanation of what was going on or what to do. It was probably Pikmin 2 so not having any prior knowledge to the original probably didn’t help.

It was fun nonetheless though haha I’ll have to give it a shot if I get the chance to in the future. It sounds like a game I would enjoy.


The first one is very hard because of the time limit, but once you get the hang of it it makes sense.

as in it’s easier.

Pikmin 2 is more fun because no time limit imo.


Yeah I hate those time limit mechanics that last through the whole game.

Kinda like Dead Rising 2. That was incredibly annoying. I probably only played 3 hours of that game because of that.


same, I never could get into it because of that.

But pikmin one is funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

and it’s a good challenge.


This sucks, it’s nothing like the dreamcast.


The convertible form factor is a great idea and a very “now” concept. Using cartridges for games is not.


I like the fact that it can be portable, it looks very fun and innovative to an extent.

Me likey.


This made me laugh


Pretty sure I heard that using cartridges can eliminate load times. I don’t know why that’s just what I heard. If that’s true then I’d say that’s pretty good reason to use them.

Personally I don’t care as long as the games are good and the system runs them well.